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6:32 p.m. - 2012-02-07
ahoy matey!!

Going to be searching for sailor tops for the summer ever since i purchased a pair of 1950s high waisted red shorts..i'll be heading to Out of the Past thrift boutique on Monday with
Stew..can't wait!!!!!

My auntie called us up a few days ago, she received the big birthday package we mailed to her, and also photos and even she thinks i look so much like Marilyn Monroe..wow!:D She said i could be her sister. Made my day :) Other news..i've been painting my sewing/office/costume designing work room a pretty shade called Blue Diamond..i really am thrilled at how great the room is starting to look and finally getting rid of that horrid yellow colour..errrrrlack!!! Been searching endlessly for a 1950s vanity table..yes i've seen the ones on ebay but im not happy with those ones and of course the prices are way too expensive, i haven't been to the flea market yet..probably i will have more time after the Toronto Competition..during March Break before i start working morning to late evenings sewing costumes. Other exciting news..i've learned to do fishtails thanks to the lovely Iclelivzi..


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