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4:45 p.m. - 2012-01-31

Wow, the Oscars are a huge sucky-doodle this year!!!!!! The only film i know that is on the mega-long 9 film list i will love is "The Artist"..1920s, black & white, silent film..yeah can't get any better than this!! The Descendants (firstly, i can't stand George *ego is tighter than his faux tuxedo* Clooney and the story is just too sad for me to want to see it, i don't like sad films coz i'm still a manic-depressive, so for me to see this film, i have to be in a good mood, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (its a made-up story, fabricated,about 911, why can't it be a true story?), The Help (i've seen it & wasn't too impressed, however the poopie pie scene was priceless!!), Hugo (adventure film, come on, since when does Martin Scorsese do adventure?? i'll see it coz im intrigued but i know i'll hate it), Midnight In Paris (again, its a stupid boring romance comedy, i stay clear of these!), The Tree of Life (no thanks, its got animal abuse in it, & that would make me cry for a whole week!), War Horse (made up war epic *YAWNNNN!!*, Moneyball(true story, hell yeah i will watch it tonight and i know i'll like it!). Loved My Week With Marilyn and Bridesmaids (surprised that those 2 films didn't make it into the list. My predictions..as long as Meryl Streep is up for Best Actress..noone has a chance against her! I'm surprised Philip Seymour Huffman isn't up for any awards, he's in every bleedin' film!! Michelle Williams won't win, she's as boring as a tuna casserole! hahaha..Stew dared me to rant about the oscars and why do i suddenly feel like Joan Rivers?


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