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3:53 p.m. - 2012-01-20
kinky curly girly

Browse around the room you are in until you see the first thing resembling the color / theme / texture below & then answer the questions.

I spy something red -
What is it?
large heart plushie that is thumping on my zebra print chair.

Where did it come from?
Ikea. I've had for years.

Does it belong to you or someone else in your household?
yup belongs to moi.

Does it make noise?

Can you pick it up or is it too heavy?
Pick it up..its very light.

I spy something blue -
What is it?
my 1950s telephone with annoying large ringing sounds! its a helluvah better than an alarm clock..lol.

Is it rough or smooth?

Is it something that could be worn?
yeah sure it can..lol..i can make a necklace out of its coils.

Where did you obtain this item?
At some woman's yardsale back in Ottawa eons ago.

I spy something old -
What is it?
my 1950s authentic doll lamp.

How old is it / how long has it been in your possession?
For a week now..its *calculates slowly in my blonde brain* 72 years old??

Did someone own it before you did?
yup, the owner of the antique shop, she had it inside her cottage.

What is the color of this item?
strawberry pink with pretty lifesaver candy undertones.

Is it something you use daily?
Yup, when i read or sketch stuff at night.

I spy something liquid -
What is it?
just plain good ole water.

Is it something you could / would drink?
of course!

Is it cold, hot or warm?
room temperature, just the way i like it.

What color is the liquid?

I spy something artistic -
What is it?
my Picasso repro painting.

Did you or someone else create it?

Is it something hanging on your wall?
not really, its leaning against my collection of Nancy Drew books.

Is there any history behind this item?
other than i love Picasso?

What colors does it involve?
a few mish mash of them.

I spy something made of paper -
What is it?
a postcard of a Ouija board that i got from the Museum of the Paranormal.

Is there anything written on it?
yup, you know..a ouija board.

How about a picture on it?
same as above.

Is there more than one of them?
gawd, yeah.

Where is this item located?
on my computer table. i don't dare play with it though coz of something that happened way back.

FIGHT THE FRIZZ! i need this badly..i seem to wake up with the worst case of bed head unless i sleep with pin-curls all night.

Betsy Johnson dresses..

Betsy is soo incredibly hip! she looks like my mom..my mom is also really hip!


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