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4:11 p.m. - 2012-01-11
1950s bedrooms...

These 1950s rooms inspire me so much!! I love the minimalism..i have to learn not to be such a pack-rat!

I love the pink frills, however, i think the frills above the bed are way too much tho. But i love the cleanliness and simplicity.

This seems right out of Dennis the Menace..the two beds instead of hubby & wife sharing one bed..did people really sleep like that back then??

1959 bedroom..very girly! the duvet covers are similar to what i have, but i wish i had a bed frame like that.

1952 blue-ness!

This i like..very earthy, i love the deep green carpeting..my toes would get lost in it *sigh*

Again, i looove that there is hardly anything in the room..it makes you feel like getting up in the morning as opposed to whacking the life out of my alarm clock and groaning and moaning and trying to find a missing knee-high sock!

And this is my dream kitchen!


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