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5:26 p.m. - 2012-01-03
bomb girls

Here's a survey i got from my best friend Stew and i'm soooo arctic-ly frozen that i don't feel like doing anything else..

Two of your favorite movies
1. Ghost World
2. Talented Mr. Ripley

Two of your favorite bands
1. Reverend Horton Heat
2. Horrorpops

Two decades you love
1. the 1950s
2. the 1940s

Two of your favorite words
1. barney-mugging
2. greaser

Two people you talk to daily on phone
1. Stewart
2. Maria

Two hair colors you've had
1. white on blonde
2. fiery red

Two foods you love
1. parmesan pretzel bites
2. grandma glo's luscious lemon pudding

Two reasons to smile
1. surrounded by love from family & friends
2. going to have fun tomorrow

Two places you would like to live
1. ANYWHERE HOT!!!! i hate cold weather soo much!! ugh!! so yeah i'd like to be living in Los Vegas
2. Inside the Cinderella castle in Disney World. Heh!

Two things you purchased last
1. Joe's crimson nail polish
2. Lady Gaga paper doll book

Two websites you visit daily
1. my Livejournal
2. my diaryland

Two friends you don't talk to anymore
1. ...Well then they're not friends!

Two stores you love to shop at
1. H&Ms
2. Betties & Bombshells

Two things you want to learn how to do
1. play the gigantic cello
2. swing dancing

Two names you have considered for your children (i really don't want any, i would like to adopt many)
1. Sabrina
2. Sebastian

Two albums you love at the moment
1. Caravan Palace - self-titled
2. queen of rockabilly - wanda jackson

Two shirts you wear most often
1. johnny cash
2. felix the cat

Two guilty pleasures
1. white hot chocolate from second cup
2. fondant cakes

Two candle smells you love
1. rose
2. lavendar

Two candy flavors you love
1. strawberry
2. grape

I can hardly wait to see this show which premiers tomorrow night!!!!

It takes place in the 40s war time and its about a group of women who work in a canadian bomb factory and there's 6 parts to it. YaY!!


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