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4:35 p.m. - 2011-11-15
IMATS adventure

IMATS was absolutely thrilling!!!! When we got there, Lily knew someone who got us a really good deal on the ticket prices..so basically, we felt like V.I.P. We did get there a bit late, so we missed Emily Ansel's airbrush makeup magic which Lily really wanted to see. HOwever, I was excited to see Melissa, M.A.C.'s Pro Artist show different techniques of classic Hollywood starlet looks from the 20s to 50s. There were way too many people, so we had to squeeze ourselves in and we ended up sitting on the floor..it was hard to in my wine coloured glittered high-heel mary-janes..very uncomfortable! We spent most of the time walking around all the varieties of makeup company booths set up..at one place, one of the makeup artists came up to me and asked me if I'm Swedish (which is my background!) and loved my 1950s look :) We saw an amazing Fantasy Awards Show..the girl dressed up as Mad Hatter came in 1st place..her headpiece was incredible!! There were creatures walking around all day in F/X makeup..saw a fashion show with a tribal theme, and mythological theme which i really loved a lot!! We got some free samples of perfumes, and skin care. I loved M.A.C.'s Ice Parade Snowglobe eyeshadows, but quite expensive! I was happy to see Pari Beauty products there, its quite a great Canadian cosmetic line. And I was very excited when i saw Royal & Langnickel..i couldn't resist buying a red brush belt, it will come in handy when i do kids makeup for the dance Competition in March. Also, very VERY happy that i saw OCC Lip Tars!!!!!! I've been after these for eons..so i got RX cyan blue and Katricia which is a rich violet shade..lip tars are a cross between long wearing lipsticks and the ease of a gloss, and you can also mix the colours together and come up with a whole new shade on your own..very fun to wear!!! And they didn't cost that much at all. Afterwards, before heading home, we stopped for Greek pizza, yummmmm!!!!

Sunday, me and mom went to the Irish Tea Room again, and this time they had Banofee Pie..BEST BEST THING I EVER ATE!!!!! I took home another slice of it and some mincemeat pies too.


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