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6:21 p.m. - 2011-11-03
friendship booklet horror

Soooooo exhausted. Must be the weather. I get cranky when the weather changes from bad to worse. Rum Diaries. Interesting film. Weekend making Indiana Corn Girl Casserole. I have acid reflux. It's horrible!! Listening to Detektivbyran. Love Victorian sounding music. Met the Victorian lady again only she wore all-white joggers and black fishnet fingerless gloves. She told me she is Irish descent thus the bright red hair which is quite amazing. Zucchini muffins are grose. Plastic cactus garden on my desk to keep me company. Blood red nails. Hair in pigtails. That just rhymed..bloody hell,lol. Recipe to Riches Rock n Peach Bliss cheesecake is tooo sweet. Steve's chinese wrinkly dog is toooo cute.

I used to get friendship booklets in mail (fbs) and this one time someone sent me an fb with a used sanitary pad inside of it which fuckin' grossed me out!!!! It was from some girl in the UK. She had wrote her addy in black marker on the dried blood. I never got anything as sick and fuckin' disturbed as this before. This was way back when i used to have lots of penpals by snail mail. There were other people's addys in that booklet. Why they didn't get grossed out i'll never know. I did the only thing a sane person could do. It went right in the trash!


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