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6:38 p.m. - 2011-10-20
b-day quail..i think i'll bale!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and she cancelled her last class so that we could go out for dinner..i treated her to a great meal at the Prince of Wales..we got served amazing tenderloin in blueberry goat cheese sauce as an appetizer, mom had striploin which was yummy (i had some of it becuz i made a boo-boo with my choice!)..i picked the quail coz i NEVER had this before and after eating it, i don't think i ever will again. First off, i was totally shocked at the tiny tiny size of the quail on my plate, it looked like all bones and wings..the meat, well, whatever was in it, was dark and tasted much too much game-y for me..my mom kept on laughing at me when i made faces..i did like what came with it though..it was an apple carrot tart with bacon on top. We didn't stay for dessert, becuz mom had her ballerina birthday cake waiting at home, then mom had fun opening up her pressies and then we watched a horror film.


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