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I fell on my ass today! In front of people! In front of the guy I have a huge crush on! Thank you, Mr. Fucktard Janitor for waxing the floor my class is on and not noticing the fact that I wore a little more higher than usual heels which i shouldn't coz i have bad ankles, and not warning me that the floor has been waxed and me taking an ass thump real hard and Fucktard Janitor snickering into his filthy mop. Stew came to my rescue and helped me up and asked me if i'm okay..of course i wasn't okay, i have the purple bruises to prove it..i inspected the damage when i came home. I had to sit in class with a wet bottom, thankfully i was wearing a black skirt! Guess who else thought it was funny, that cruel bitch in my class! Stew wanted to bitch slap her a few times but i told him to ignore her. Proffessor made a joke out of the situation and told me that i should wear one of those retro geisha outfits with those pillows in the back..NOT FUNNY!

I'M SOOOO ACCIDENT-PRONE!! Nearly every day i do something to myself..yesterday i banged my knee against the kitchen table..i have to walk next time in slow-mo so that i don't trip again *cue chariots of fire music*

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FAV. BANDS/MUSICIANS - grateful dead, greta van fleet, kula shaker, enigma, xavier rudd, led zeppelin, janis joplin, jimi hendrix, fleetwood mac, the doors, bob marley, beatles, stones, bowie, pink floyd..

FAV. FILMS - almost famous, dazed n confused, picnic at hanging rock, foul play, groove, jurassic park, twister, ice storm, virgin suicides, close encounters, dark crystal, go ask alice, & lots of horror..

FAV. BOOKS - go ask alice by anonymous, animal farm by george orwell, virgin suicides by j. eugenides, i'm with the band by pamela desbarres, weetzie bat by francesca lia block, grapefruit by yoko ono, wilderness by jim morrison, the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur..

FAV. THINGS - 1970s, bohemian, Buddha, salt lamps, stones, astrology, animals, cats, butterflies, daisies, sunflowers, tarot cards, Indian foods, vegan, yoga, elephants, bamboo, succulents/cacti, moon, sun, Morocco, painting, nature, outdoor festivals, hula hooping, psychedelica..

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