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4:35 p.m. - 2011-09-27
toronto tripping

We went to the Annual C.D.T.A. Ballet meeting with Sharon (our tap teacher) and her daughter Tia. While mom stayed further in the meeting, me, Sharon and Tia went across the street to Square One and we couldn't believe the size of the H&M inside of it!!!!! After the meeting, we all headed to Queen St. and had a blast shopping there!! I missed all my groovy shops..i really like Sharon a lot coz she always asked me which shops would i like to go in, of course Tia wanted to go to LuluLemon so it was great fun with them!

Weird bottle shaped high rises in Mississauga that creeped us all out coz of the height.
Here's what i bagged: vintage 50s style leopard print hat from H&M, limited edition Scottish Hello Kitty/mushroom salt & pepper shakers/tv set keychain, days of the week barrettes/flowery sunglass holder from Urban Outfitters, retro butterscotch colored 2 people bicycling Toronto t-shirt/Bowie silkscreen blue&red t-shirt/bright blue 80s sunglasses/record player sticker from Black Market, bubblegum bracelet/leopard print heart button and 2 armbands from Clic Klak, green rose ring from Tribal Rythm, and blue Bettie Page ribbon hairclip from that goth shop and we also got mango soaps from Lush. That shop smelled sooo goood that none of us wanted to leave it. There were soaps shaped like bon-bons, dessert, tarts etc..
Afterwards, we went to eat at La Marché restaurant on Yonge St., we parked underground and we had problems with the service elevator, it kept getting stuck (i was majorly freaking out!! i hate elevators!!), so we finally got out into a small mall area and we finally found the exit and walked to the restaurant, it was fun in there!!!! Sooo much food and i was confused about the cards, i forgot to use it for my soft drink and a guy ran after me and told me i have to use the card,lol. im such a ditz, anyways, me and Sharon had Asian stir-fry, mom had pizza, and Tia had salad and a chocolate crepe. Also had strawberry shortcake. We left at 9:30 pm. Man, i missed Toronto sooo much, can't wait to go again!! I now have pink streaks in my hair..Toronto brings out the wild side of me :) I just feel so at home there, its like i can really be myself and be outrageous!! WOOT-WOOT!

My fav. song at the moment besides Lykke Li being played all over Toronto..Karen used to be married to Jack White and they actually had a divorce party..i just love her vintage styles a lot!!


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