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7:16 p.m. - 2011-09-13
polaroid squash

Friday night was spent attacking the dvd aisles at Blockbuster since they are closing down..everything had to go including the new releases sections..didn't fancy anything there..had fun finding some of my fav. films!!:) Don't remember what the heck i did on Saturday? possibly i was far too wasted (tired, not alcoholified!), i've been doing paperwork all weekend actually coz my mom started teaching today, so i had to have everything done, plus i had to download new stuff for her classes..OMG!! i actually found the song Get Up by EVE feat. SW (you know the theme to Minute To Win It show..i looooove that song!!), Mom made me download Maroon 5's Move Like Jagger which sorry to say but it really does my head in!GRRUUUUHGHGH!! Stew has it on his i-pod, thank you Stew for driving me insane on the bus yesterday and lipsyching it funny. MORON! Just kidding Stew, i loove ya dude!:) And Prof. W actually sat on his polaroid..hahahahahaha..it was WICKEDLY funny!!! He broke the lens and he was in a bad mood afterwards, i dared not raise my hand even though i had to go to the bathroom real bad, thankfully his bad mood came on just 10 minutes before the end of the class anyways. Okay, there's this fat chick who is up her nose in the class, you know those know-it-alls, she actually came up to me and Stew and told us that we were setting our cameras the wrong way..like FUCK OFF, we know how to do it! And she keeps copying the way Stew says stuff, like in her really pretend gay way, which is pissing Stew off coz gay guys do not talk like a little girl who just inhaled helium! It's not right to make fun of gay people that way and i told her not to do that and she was all, what did i do?? i didn't do anything? and she huffed off in an her angry smoke cloud, and Stew thanked me for sticking up for him but he said that next time he's going to prank her if she does it again. I HATE people who make fun of others no matter what you are or what colour you are, its downright WRONG! Anyways, after class me and Stew went to Starbucks and had whoopie pies and chai lattés with extra foam, yum! and we chatted about Chaz Bono and how great he is getting recognition for being on Dancing With the Stars which i think starts next Monday, and then we talked about the start of the dance school season and that we might be competing in Toronto next year with a few numbers, and that me, mom and our new tap teacher, Sharon (she's super cool!!) are going down to the annual dance meeting in Mississauga end of September (fingers crossed that Sharon will take us to Queen St. and i can go to Urban Outfitters..i miss that store soo bad!!).

Oh, we went to Pet Smartz and the lady there knew how to get rid of Bobby's fleas..she said to put a drop of apple cider vinegar into his water and fleas hate that, so yay!! and we also bought shampoo and gave him a flea bath last night, he is doing much better today, and we got a free Eukanuba cat tent and already Bobby was playing inside of it.

Sunday, i made Swedish pork roast with lingonberry mushroom sauce..yummm!! i haven't made that dinner for a long while. Today, it was tuna on toast.

* cookie dough nail polish
* theatrical cat masks
* Speakeasy Times cd i bought at Starbucks (its got Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Bessie Smith, Bing Crosby etc..)
* Moulin Rouge notebook
* chocolate strawberry peanut butter ice-cream
* New York 82 hoodie
* velvet hairbows
* accessory tree
* bling bling stapler

I got a birthday card for my penpal Ella who lives in West Yorkshire..she's super nice! I'm off to watch later the America's Got Talent final. GOOOO TEAM I LUMINATE!!!!!


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