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Soooo chilly frigid outside today..i hate when the weather does this huge diving board flip downwards from 40 degrees humidex to +12 degrees below seasonal yuck! I'm wearing above the knee-high socks as opposed to my usual barefooted-ness around the house and faux velvet preppy shoes as opposed to my vast collection of flipflops. Ugh, September weather!

Over the long weekend, we were supposed to meet up with Penny and Gabrielle to go to the EX Fair but it didn't work out, so me and mom decided to have a fun time, got in the car and drove miles to Burlington to go to the Ikea there..we go once a year coz my mom hates the highway. Ikea was a bit of a disappointment, didn't get much there except for 2 roses paintings to put on the wall above my bed (sorry, have to take Hendrix down, i'm bored with hippie stuff, its all about the 50s now) and i'm trying to make my room vintage posh. I got a better lighting too, its a vintage-y square lampshade, and also got a rose scented candle for $1.99, gawd, i've been poking my nose in it a lot and just smelling up that gorgeous scent, haven't actually lit it up yet. I wanted to buy one of those 18th century photo frames but they looked different online but up close, they were plasticy and bulky and mom said those frames reminded her of tombstones..eep!! At least there weren't any screeming kids or baby strollers running me over this time. Then we went to Fortinos (best grocers although they shrunk their fab candy section and put them into a corner, i liked it better when it was a huge aisle on both sides of bulk bin madness :) But i did bag 4 delicious cinammon and sugar Montreal bagels which are to die for!! and we did order a small cheese pizza at the Gourmet Pizza-To-Go place which is the BESTEST pizza ever!!!! Their dough is more like a pastry dough and their tomato sauce is homemade fresh and not overly spiced. And apricot and raspberry froogies..yum!! We forgot that it gets awfully dark way too fast and we headed back at 9:00 pm and we took the wrong highway and nearly ended up in London Ontario! Luckily we got back to Burlington and then we asked directions at a gas station (why is everything so confusing at night than during the day, crikey!!), we made a boo-boo and ended up going in circles so then we asked a nice dude who was walking his lamb-like terrier and he told us perfect, so when we got on the right highway that goes back to Niagara, we didn't pay attention again to the sudden 5 lanes and we were supposed to go to the left and we ended up going off on North Shore which took us back where we started at the Ikea, so then we tried the highway again and yessss, it worked this time!! It's very easy to miss in the night, it took us 2 hours to get home! We were sooo knackered.

Yesterday was my first photography class with my pink hair streaks which Professor W (i call him just plain W now *giggle*) really liked and Stew kept on elbowing me and doing sexual sign-language at me (no, he's not deaf and neither am i, its just something we picked up from a film and its quite awesome coz not many people know what we are doing with our hands so its cool to communicate like that sometimes) Anyways, Stew kept on cracking me up by showing the sign for "horny". Luckily El Professor-o was taking apart his pin-hole camera at the time. We sort of dissected a camera bit by bit..huh, i only knew what shutter is, but it was basically a very boring class. Oh, before i got to class, Stew was supposed to wait for me at the entrance, and he didn't (the moron!), so i ended up getting lost (they seriously should give new people maps of the college grounds or at least put a board up saying "you are here" with a red arrow like they do at the mall!

And i HATE that my cat has tons of fleas and keeps scratching himself on my duvet cover..ugh! I keep forgetting to buy him a flea collar. I did my nails gold, been cleaning my room, flipping through the camera book we got, got bored and decided to flip through my bible (Ikea catalog) instead. I hope Prof. Eisenberg-look-a-like won't make us do a 500 page essay on the workings of a camera..oh the horror!! Last night, watched "The Smokers"..one of my fav. films..hahaha..i love it when the girls say that they refuse to be the weaker sex anymore and they turn things around for the boys, unfortunately it turns into tragedy at the end. I'm off to make chicken avocado salad with grated gouda cheese on top.

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