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5:04 p.m. - 2011-05-31
Sweet Grandma

Airports. Crowded. Noisy. Exciting. Anticipating. The smell of brewed coffee mixed with aviation fuel. Rolling luggage bags squashed by a kid sitting on top. Welcome signs held up by a lone Indian guru. Delhi people arriving in turbans and lush flowing white saris. Next up, my nana's plane. Air Canada arrived from Frankfurt at 12:26, late 5 minutes. An hour later, there she is grinning at us in her meticulate polyester green trousers and striped blouse and the summer shoes we bought her last year. I give her a bouquet of pretty pink gerber daisies which she kissed with delight. So many wonderful hugs, makes me feel so happy inside. We take her out to dinner to Red Lobster. The smell of the sea makes us tired. We stop off for Italian gelato (mine banana, her's sugar free chocolate, mom's mango) and then at home, she marvels at the gift basket filled with goodies for her. There is so much fun to do.


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