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5:59 p.m. - 2011-05-20
lord knows best

Past the thriftshop with the headless mannequin dressed like blondie where i worked a few years ago hanging flowing tulle prom dresses of the 50s on racks wondering who had worn them and placing dusty rustic knick-knacks on paint-chipped shelves. the street musicians with their stray cat hairdos and the big cello player who would stand on top of his instrument wowing the crowds. the shaved punk rockers. artists in paint splattered overalls and hemp jewelry. Stew and i drink green tea smoothies and have a slice of cake (mine tiramisu cheesecake, his a strawberry mousse cake) and sit at the booth with the sun filtering in like some kind of drug we want to put in our noses mouths and veins. we dream of hollywood fancies as i finger my pincurls and smooth out my red polka dot dress. we listen to lord knows best by dirty beaches and i wish i could push my red ruby toes through the cool white sands of the beach across from us. i see a brightly coloured kite floating up in the sky and wish i was a little kid again and i start to giggle.


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