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4:34 p.m. - 2011-03-22

starbucks building blocks
"what's inside them??">

yum-yums!! the one in the middle (red velvet cream cheese cakelet) was the best one of the bunch!

starbucks b-day cakes on a stick..the rocky road ones are the best to get, i didn't have that one pictured coz they were out of it at the time, but i did get that one on friday and man, is it gooood!!!

saturday, i went to the mall, and got pink and gold glitter hair streak hairspray at claire's, for my b-day i want to do pink streaks on blonde, and a cute monkey filled with strawberry soap and a white plastic butterfly headband, i also got hippie 70s-style clogs (they've got brown flowers embroidered on both sides), it was originally $80.99 and i got them for $20 bucks. i also spoiled my mom by getting her a long butterfly print skirt from h&m, it looks like ed hardy designed..i might have to steal it from her closet, LOL!� we stopped off at second cup and when we were chucking out the garbage, my mom accidentally threw out her bag of cookies, so i had to dumpster dive after them..yeah i must've looked like a weirdo, but the cookies were inside the bag so they weren't damaged and i was able to get the bag out..yeah seriously i do the weirdest things, even my mom was all "i didn't know you were going to really do that??"LOL.
was over at stew's yesterday, i brought over my fav. films, and we had a british filmfest..small faces (my most fav. scottish film ever ever!!!!), trainspotting, twin town, quadrophenia..i crashed at his place coz it was way late when it was over, i slept on his super comfy couch and he made vegan brownies for breakfast..mmmm!!
i have to run to the dollar store today to pick up more bags of pompoms and then work the rest of the day.


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