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5:27 p.m. - 2011-01-18
swimming pool

My cat Jackie has been missing for 4 days, i went searching in the melting snow with his brother Fez, and we couldn't find him anywhere..i did spot several coyote tracks in the backyard which really scared me, i don't like it when they come so close to the house! But no sign of poor Jackie, i fear the worst.

Yesterday i went swimming with Stew at the community center and it was fun to feel water against my skin, the smell of chlorine in the air, the smell of childhood and summer all bundled up in one thrill, jumping off the diving board and doing my cannonball position and splashing Stew, not having to wait until summer to wear a bathing suit. Afterwards, we went to a quaint little vegan cafe and had bubble tea and tofu wraps and chatted amongst sounds of African jazz. Went over to his flat and watched the film "Swimnming Pool"..i don't know how many times i've seen this film, its one of my most fav. ever ever!!!!

Working hard on the recital, the Theme is "Under the Big Top" and we will have lots of circus dance acts including a snake charmer and snakes which will be super cool, no not real snakes! the students in that class will dress up and do snake movements, so it will be more of a modern dance performance. I already bought materials for the little kids who are going to be Hello Kitties and Blue Poodles, i haven't started sewing them yet becuz we have to know how many students come back for the 2nd term.

Stew gave me his i-pod and these are the songs i've been listening to non-stop:
For Once In Your Life - Hole
Guitar Hero - Amanda Palmer
Valerie (and Her Week Of Wonders) - Broadcast
Lingering Still - She & Him
Not A Pretty Girl - Ani DiFranco
Werewolf - Cat Power
Strangelove - Depeche Mode
Love Cats - The Cure
Begging You - Madcon
Kiss Them For Me - Siouxsie & the Banshees
Drink Tea (for the Love of God) - Kula Shaker
Lay It Down - Peter Bjorn & John
Not In Love - Crystal Castles feat.Robert Smith

Been reading Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, and im halfway through it..im angry at Heathcliff and how much he's poisoning everyone around him!! if the guy is madly in love with Catherine than why did he allow her to marry some boring drip whom she did not love in the first place? she was sooo in love with Heathcliff that she drove herself mad. the story is soo heartbreaking!!


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