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We were supposed to be heading to the library today but now thats out of the question since there's a snowstorm..uuuughhhghghgh..its not that bad in our area but St. Catherines where the library is, they said on tv that there are white out conditions there so better not risk it..i hate being stuck inside the house on a Saturday, its the bloody pits!!! Thanks, i am feeling a bit better, i don't have much pain in my chest and shoulders, but im not strong enough to shovel the snow, so hopefully our friend with the truck-tow will show up tonight, coz usually the stupid arse snow plowers that come early in the morning manage to shovel large piles of snow right on our driveway!

Yesterday, i had wicked fun with Stew at the mall..hahahaha..Sunrise Records has the biggest collection of Justin Bieber dolls ever!! Only 5 year olds like him anyways..its like babies saying "mama, dadda, bee-bee". Apparently the 12 year olds in mom's ballet class make fun of him all the time and call him "just-in diaper". When Stew saw them, he told me that he wanted to take them out of their boxes and form one big sex train with them..butt-smack time!, his words, not mine. He cracked me up so bad that we were getting stares. He also did this humping motion that cracked me up even more and i was afraid we'd get thrown out. Seriously, though, gay people rule!! :) I had to exchange a necklace at Ardene's, Stew tried on some of the hats there and made faces at me, silly boy whom i have a secret crush on (hope he doesn't read this), so anyways, i got these weird long necklace pearl chains that kept on tangling, so i picked a groovy sapphire glass square necklace instead. We got our pretzel bites and icing sugar dipping sauce..mmmmmmmm!! In Siren's, Stew kept on giving me dresses to try..oooh this will look so greaat on you! this will go great with your eyes, girl! so i spent a half hour trying on dresses which wasn't easy coz of the pain i still have, i had to be careful how i pulled stuff over my head, and i ended up buying this awesome blue glitter 60s style mini-dress which was on sale for 10 bucks, totally good bargain.

Watched Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory, man, that show is gooood!!!! it was on Global Warming and how its all about making money and its a big fraud, yeah i knew that from the start coz if the planet was really warming up then we wouldn't have winter anymore!! it would be like Florida all year round! My science teacher, Mr. Matasack, predicted that years from now, we are going to be heading into another ice age and that the planet is decreasing in temperature, he also predicted a hole in the ozone, man, did he ever get that one right! Jesse Ventura is cool, he used to be in the WWF as Jesse "the body" Ventura..oh gawd, i cannot believe it that i used to be a wrestling fan..eeep! i actually even went to see a WWF live at the Civic Center with friends..the Ultimate Warrior and Bret "the hitman" Hart were my favourites. I can't believe im actually talking about this, its very embarrassing! And the time i got my dad a Legion of Doom t-shirt and he actually wore that into Dairy Queen and people were pointing at his t-shirt. That just put a smiley on my face.

Oh and on Friday, me and mom went to Mandarin's. This time we sat in the panda room with a load of babies. They weren't bad at all, good! We had yummy blueberry lemonade lychee cocktails. The peanut thai chicken was incredible. (they had cuttlefish salad which looked like something out of a horror film) i did not touch that one! The dessert was fun..i tried this green sponge cake (i think it was pistachio), chocolate cream pie, ice-cream..we got fortune cookies..mine said "success is coming your way" okay, BRING IT ON!!

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