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wow, december already, we got a little bit of snowflakes tumbling from the sky, i am cold, i have warm striped socks on over my warm tights, butterfly hoodie, fallen dreads i have made for my hair, sipping on ice-tea even though its frigid, my nails are naked, i haven't felt like painting them lately, i am excited that my aunt is coming for the holidays if all things go well, last night i created an incredible snack, black forest rice krispies..mmm..watched "The Red Baron", it was very good! I love historical events, this one took place in WWI, and i wasn't too familiar with the Red Baron, only that Christmas Snoopy song. I want to get to McDonald's over the weekend coz they are selling sanrio watches, you don't have to pick up a happy meal to get one, i wander if they have Chococat? Austin Stevens strangely resembles my uncle of all people! Its funny how some accents sound the same, he sounds Hungarian like my uncle the way he talks but really Austin is from South Africa..and i don't understand how some people think Hungarian accents are like French accents..PULLLEASE PEOPLE!! there is a big big bloody difference!!!! just listen to how Arsene Wenger talks, you can't get any heavier French then that! espcially that Hungarian language comes from Finnish language so do Finnish people sound French? duh! sorry but i really hate ignorant people who don't bother paying closer attention to certain things.

I'm still searching for Cyndi Lauper concert on dvd, haven't had any luck yet. I'm looking for her earlier 80s concerts, i don't want her now stuff. And i <3 Bjork!! Here's one of her latest vids, it reminds me of films like "Neverending Story" and "Where the Wild Things ARe" etc..

Woking bok choy tonight, cheapest thing to put into a wok besides bean sprouts, listening to kids tapping to Abba's Take A Chance On Me down in the studio, other things im doing..playing Nintendo Super Mario Brothers (looove old skool vid.games!), reading an R.L.Stine book, studying, sipping nestea, wishing i could play the banjo.

On weekend, over at Stew's gaff, we watched a whole bunch of Wallace & Gromit claymation, if anyone knows me, i am a super-duper claymation freak :) I've been to claymation festivals..thats when i discovered the world of Pingu :)

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FAV. BANDS/MUSICIANS - grateful dead, greta van fleet, kula shaker, enigma, xavier rudd, led zeppelin, janis joplin, jimi hendrix, fleetwood mac, the doors, bob marley, beatles, stones, bowie, pink floyd..

FAV. FILMS - almost famous, dazed n confused, picnic at hanging rock, foul play, groove, jurassic park, twister, ice storm, virgin suicides, close encounters, dark crystal, go ask alice, & lots of horror..

FAV. BOOKS - go ask alice by anonymous, animal farm by george orwell, virgin suicides by j. eugenides, i'm with the band by pamela desbarres, weetzie bat by francesca lia block, grapefruit by yoko ono, wilderness by jim morrison, the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur..

FAV. THINGS - 1970s, bohemian, Buddha, salt lamps, stones, astrology, animals, cats, butterflies, daisies, sunflowers, tarot cards, Indian foods, vegan, yoga, elephants, bamboo, succulents/cacti, moon, sun, Morocco, painting, nature, outdoor festivals, hula hooping, psychedelica..

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