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5:05 p.m. - 2010-11-17

Only rode on a subway once, feeling so thrilled of the rush of excitement waiting for it to come, waiting with my penpal Linda who told me Ishould try it out, we had to get to Bloor Street from Queen, we got on, sat down on hard plastic-y beige toned chairs with scribbles on them, and everything was fine, she told me how many times she's rode on subways so Ihad no reason to worry, until the screeching of the brakes, and the bumpy shakiness, and the look of absolute terror on her face, she paled like a marshmellow ghost, and then i started to panic, my hairs on back of my neck spiked,i thought we were going to crash, but another subway went past ours, briefly acknowledging us in a swift flicker of metal and flash of light, and then it was gone. The subway slowed down and we got off, i felt like kissing the ground! I never rode on another subway again.


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