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3:13 p.m. - 2010-11-10
doctor who, where are you?

Lying in bed at night is when thoughts come to me in a massive swirl and i become incoherent for just a second, its just that most of the time, i wish time didn't exist, i wish that the days would be longer than 24 hours so that life would last longer, i wish there was no such thing as milliseconds, nanoseconds, or just seconds, i wish the clock ticked in 5 hours instead of 5 minutes. I wish we would never get tired and want to sleep, i wish i could travel back in time so that i could erase all my regrets and the stupid things i did and start life all over again in a much better and smarter way. I wish that there would be no such thing as death and that all the nice people on earth would be immortal forever and all the bad nasty people would be sent to some "netherworld" in Valhalla or some dark place like in LOTR. I never ever really thought of dying or death in general until my dad left, and then i started to panic! You always think that it only happens to other people, but when it happens to you then you start to view the world in a whole different light. I wish so much to be a baby again, to not know what the world is really like, not have any responsibilities, being taken care of, never having to worry, not knowing how terrifying panic attacks are, not worrying about money problems, paying the bills, going to the bank, the fear of flying, knowing that some day we all get old, etc..etc..

WANT AD: need one time machine, in fairly good condition, willing to sell my soul(lol)not really but hey its just a thought, erm..need one travelling companion with excellent computing skills and mega long scarf, please call .........ASAP!


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