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7:03 p.m. - 2010-10-27
scary experience!!!!

I was reading an article today that brought back really bad memories of what happened to me when i was 8 years old. I read about this girl who was grabbed one day when she was walking to school alone. She was lucky to escape her attacker too. My situation wasn't as bad as that, but it was equally terrifying! I was pretty independant for an 8 year old, both my parents worked, so i was always the last one to leave the house. Noone ever thought it would be unsafe, we lived in a normal neighbourhood filled with families on both sides, and i could see the bus stop from our house, it was only a block and a half away! This one particular chilly November day, i locked the front door like i usually had done before, and i was walking down the block towards the bus stop when all of a sudden a car slowed down beside me. I had the hairs stand up on the back of my neck! I had this bad feeling go through me right away, even before i turned towards the car. I saw a guy (well for an 8 year old, i thought he was very old), but i think he looked to be in his thirties and i still remember his face after all these years, he had a kind smile except for his eyes, i didn't like his eyes at all, they seemed to be hiding something bad. He was behind the wheel, and sitting in the back seat was a boy in his late teens, i think around 18 or 19 and i got really bad vibes from him. He never spoke a word, just kept on staring at me. The man said, in the sweetest pretend voice, if i would like to have a ride to school. I don't think i ever stopped walking, coz i remember the car just rolling beside me ever so slowly. At this point i was panicking!! I told the guy, "no thanks!" and i started to walk faster and he sped up and asked me again, and this time he wasn't smiling, and i think i had this feeling that he was going to open the door and grab me in, or the teen boy was going to do that, but when i looked to the bus stop, there was the 16 year old girl who i usually took the bus with, lately she wasn't there, but today, she was, and to this day, i thank her for saving my life!!!!!!!! Becuz as soon as the guy saw her there, he took off like lightning speed! When i got to the stop, she asked me if i was okay, and i told her what happened, and she gave me a hug and i started shaking inside. When i got to school, i was in shock, my body just couldn't stop shaking more noticeably, so i was taken to the office where i told the principal, who was very sympathetic, to what happened and i then i just couldn't stop crying..when i calmed down, he called my parents, my dad couldn't leave work, but my mom came quickly or was it the other way around, i can't remember that, one of my parents arrived and took me home, i stayed home the next day, and my mom arranged for me to be dropped off at that girl's home, she lived a few houses down from us, and she took the bus with me every day after that. But i never forgot the incident, i was extra careful and always watching, but that guy never drove down our street again. The police, of course, were also called, and i told them what happened, and i described the car and the 2 men in the car etc...and they told us that several children have been disappearing from the neighbourhood, and also one body had been found not far from the school area. It scared the shit out of me, i couldn't sleep for weeks, i had recurring nightmares. My parents and friends helped me through those horrible times, and i wish i could remember that girl's name coz when you are so young, you don't know how to properly thank someone for saving your life becuz it just doesn't hit you until you grow up what could've really happened if she wouldn't have been there right at that exact moment!


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