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7:30 p.m. - 2010-10-20
weirdly tight...
Yesterday it was me mom's b-day and we enjoyed ourselves as much we could under the circumstances..it was great to actually feel like having fun! We were going to go to the Old Winery Restaurant but to our huge surprise, it was jam-packed in parking lot! So then mom came up with a brilliant idea that we should try out the Prince of Wales Hotel, holy shit that place is soooo posh!!!! We sat at window and i had sable fish (never had that before, don't even know what it is) but it was delicious, it came with pink grapefruit and crab cake, and mom had the roast chicken with blue cheese sauce which was also very good! Then we shared the BEST EVER peach creme brulee!!!!! and their Irish coffee is incredible! We had fun exploring the place afterwards, very Victorian British art, religious statues and huge stainglass murals. When we got home, mom had fun opening her pressies, i love the stuff i got in my lootbag..slip-on bracelet was my fav.!! We had b-day cake which came with a cute ballerina teddybear. Then we watched a bit of Family Planet's The Haunting show which is soo good, we felt sorry for the two bunnies that were terrorized by some evil entity. It was scary!! Then we finished the evening by watching "The Full Monty".


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