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I'm waiting for my mom to finish teaching and then we are going out for dinner.  At first she didn't want to go anywhere, but i talked her into it coz i think it will do us all good to get out and now my mom is happy and looking forward, anyways, i will do a survey while i wait.
So, What Is Your Favorite Horror Movie?
Halloween 1977, we always watch that on Halloween night.
Is It Related To Werewolves, Demons, Vampires, Etc?
a psychotic killer in a mask.
How Many Times Have You Seen It?
Have You Seen The ORIGINAL (1974) Texas Chainsaw Massacre?
nope, i don't like too much shlock.
What is The Best Part Of A Horror Movie?
part of the movie where you know something is going to happen but still anxious until it pops out suddenly
Do You Know Who Bela Lugosi Is? How About Lon Chaney Jr.?
lugosi was dracula and i think lon chaney jr. was the wolfman?
Can You Name A Movie That Either Of Them Was In?
Do You Think The Freddy Krueger From The 80's Or Now Was Better?
i never saw those films. 
Why Were There So Many Friday The 13th Movies?
the orignal will always be the best!
Do You Think People Went Back To The Camp Hoping For A Better Summer?
Why Does The Girl Being ALWAYS Run Up The Stairs?
well obviously she's the target.
You Ever Notice They Fall Alot Too?
How Can You Tell A Hot Chick Is Getting Ready To Get Killed?
she has that horrified glassy-eyed look on her face followed by deep thumping music..
Anyway, Who Was Scarier Freddy Or Jason?
Leatherface Or Pumpkinhead?
haven't seen either.
Alien Or Predator?
Miachel Myers Or Herman Munster?
micheal myers, TOTALLY!!!!!!!
Have You Ever Seen Pet Semetary?
yup. scared me!! 
Did You Read The Book?
Which Stephen King Movie Was Your Favorite?
carrie, although the ending in the book is far better.
Did You Know Cujo Was Played By 3 St Bernards And 2 Rottweilers?
i didn't
Did You See Poltergeist?
when i was a little kid and scared me totally!! i can't watch that film anymore.
Did Rosemary's Baby Creep You Out At All?
Do You Like Alfred Hitchcock?
What Is The Worst Horror Movie You Ever Saw?
demons. i hated it!!
Is A Horror Movie A Good Date Movie?
Why Are They Remaking All The Movies Anyway?
ran out of ideas.
Who Is Your Favorite Underworld Character?
i never saw it.
How Many Chapters Do You Think Friday The 13th Will Have This Time Around?
No idea
Do You Believe In Ghosts?
not anymore.
If So, Have You Seen Them?
Is There A Place That You Believe Is So Haunted That You Would Never Go in?
yup, this spooky old rundown place at the corner of my street when i was a kid.
Are You Paranoid?
Do You See Things At Night?
Have You Ever Heard Something Eerie That Made You run?
this one time when i had friends over for a sleepover and we fooled around with a ouija board, since then i never EVER want to touch another ouija board again.
Are You Afraid Of The Dark?
i used to watch that show a lot, and sometimes i am.
Whats The Scariest Movie You Have Ever Seen?
the amytville horror, i had to sleep with a nightlight and all my stuffed toys on the bed for a whole week. oh and the original THE FOG, that film scared the shit outta me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What Are You Scared Of?
flying, being alone, spiders, heights, growing old...i have too many phobias.


Underline The Horror Movies You Have Seen! 

american psycho
friday the 13th
a nightmare on elm st. series
texas chainsaw series
halloween [original]
rob zombie's halloween series
child's play series
saw series
wishmaster series
puppetmaster series
psycho series
pumpkin head series
event horizon
13 ghosts
bram stoker's dracula
dracula 2000
nosferatu [original]
nosferatu 70s remake
queen of the damned
interview with a vampire
tales from the crypt movies
the mist
the shining
the omen
the exorcist series
hellraiser series
trick 'r treat
silent hill
the grudge series
the ring series
book of blood
midnight meat train
my bloody valentine
sorority row
jennifer's body
scream series
i know what you did last summer series
urban legend series
prince of darkness
dracula the dark prince
the order
night of the living dead
land of the dead
day of the dead
dawn of the dead
diary of the dead
return of the living dead series
the crazies
the wolfman [2010] and original
the lost boys
resident evil series
evil dead series
ghost ship
the uninvited
the unborn
the orphan
house of 1000 corpses
the devils rejects
the serpent and the rainbow
the haunting in Connecticut

leprechaun series
paranormal activity
the blair witch project
blair witch book of shadows
black christmas(original)
dark country
cabin fever
rosemary's baby
children of the corn series
freddy vs jason
alien series
predator series
avp series
prom night series
prophecy series
the fog(original)
poltergeist series
sweeney todd: the demon barber of fleet st.
sleepy hollow
one missed call
troll 1 and 2
night breed
the mangler 1 and 2
1001 maniacs
graveyard shift
salem's lot

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