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Friday, it was a warm sunny day so after work, me and mom headed to Port Dalhousie and a lovely time walking on the beach, it was very relaxing. Lots of seagulls said hello. The place where there used to be a bakery and all the shops are gone, including my fav. Gifts of the Earth! I was sooo disappointed, the whole place looks like a ghost town. The candy shop is still there near the lake, the only place that carries the weirdest flavour of Jones Soda. Afterwards, we went to J.J. Kapps Bar & Grill for dinner and we were seated in a booth next to a fuckin' crying baby!! People, get a bloody babysitter for chrissakes! I'm not a baby hater, please don't think that, but when we go out for dinner, we want to have a normal conversation and be able to hear each other talk, the waitress totally understood and she had us move somewhere quiet, she also was annoyed with the screaming ululating baby. The baby was crying non-stop, it would seriously drive anyone up the bleedin' wall. Anyways, we ordered a fun platter of stuff like wings, fingers, stuffed baked potatoes and mom wanted to try the Jambalaya which was way way too spicy and the churizo (spelling?) sausages were gross tasting. But the dessert made up for the meal, yummy blueberry vanilla cheesecake filled with gawd-awful fat.

Saturday me and Stew went to the mall and we both bought the same new Of Montreal cds and we chatted with the guy with the biggest red puffy beard and pink hair, but i still miss my rockabilly dude! I also had to visit Ardene's and i got the grooviest snake ring. We shared a pumpkin loaf slice at Second Cup, and then headed to his flat, omigawd, the bus was packed with creeeps!!!! This one guy with really greasy hair kept on flipping a special finger at everyone on the street and then laughing weird, this old lady kept on putting her bright pink shade of lipstick on while the bus was moving and her lipstick went all the way down the side of her mouth to her chin and she just left it like that, and this other guy with bald head and shifty eyes kept staring at my striped knee-highs and grinning at me, and Stew pretended to be my boyfriend just to get the guy to stop looking at me..it was the longest ride ever!!
We got under the covers of Stew's futon bed and had an epic movie night..10 hours of comfy clothing (Stew lent me his ladybug housecoat over my Blondie t-shirt, black shorts and red/black striped knee-highs), he put on joggers, had a funky pillow fight at some point, ate vegan brownies, cashews, and beer till 4:00 am. We didn't move out of bed unless we needed to pee badly..we watched these films..
"Hard Candy".."Jawbreaker".."Dancer In the Dark".."Wait Until Dark".."Friday the 13th"
It was super-fun!! We are going to have another movie night next weekend.

On Sunday, me and mom visited my dad with flowers, it was very very hard, our first Thanksgiving without my dad around :( Monday, there was no turkey this time, we just made pork roast with gravy, red cabbage with apples, and sweet potatoes, and German nougat wafers..it was very low-key. I kept on thinking that we can never predict the precise moment when we die and i got depressed, so in order to perk ourselves up, we watched Dancing With the Stars, and films. I also got a horrible strep throat and i'm still trying to shake my bad cold. We were invited to Oktoberfest at a German community center but becuz of me being sick, we didn't go.


1. Playground Love - Air
2. Cup of Coffee - Garbage
3. Strange Magic - E.L.O.
4. Lovely Head - Goldfrapp
5. Something Wicked This Way Comes - Barry Adamson
6. People Are Strange - The Doors
7. Waiting For the Moon - Tindersticks
8. When I Grow Up - Fever Ray
9. The Lions and the Cucumber - The Vampire Sound Inc.

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