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Over the weekend, went over to Stew's flat and he told me the problems he's had with a certain annoying person who lives in the flat next door. The woman who just moved in has been flicking her cigarette butts into his plant garden on his balcony. He collected over 50 of them last week and he tried talking ot her but she won't have any of it, she actually even slagged him off several times for smelling his curry when he's cooking his Indian culinary dishes, but that doesn't give her the right to destroy his property! So Friday night, Stew had enough of picking up her garbage, so what he did was collect all the cigarette butts, he took them down in a bag, found her mailbox, which she always keeps open for some weird reason, and he dumped all her garbage inside on top of her letters, and closed it. Since then, he hasn't had any problems..i have to admit, he had a lot of guts to do what he did..i would've been too cowardly to take such an action like that, but hey, he rules in my book!!!!!!His friend came over and we watched "Victoria Day" awesome Canadian indie film!!!Drank soy milk, made vegan pizza.
Today Iíve been efficient! Cleaned my room,organized my cds and cassettes, made supper, finished my Mondrian painting, did my nails Revlon's Minted, did errands in town.
Had yummy homemade chicken pot pie on Sunday, mowed the lawn, tap danced to Captain Sensible's Happy Talk, rode in a taxi and made friends with a Columbian guy coz we had to pick up the car that was being fixed, met a Finnish guy at the flea market (he was with his girlfriend *sigh* but i managed to say a few words of Finnish to him and he thought i looked Scandinavian..cool!) And The Killers have broken up??? Brandon Flowers was doing a solo on MTV Live. He seems to have lost all his zest, the song bored me. Also did thrifting, went to library, Stew keeps telling me that blondes get more fun..well i sure as hell don't!! i never got that saying, maybe Marilyn Monroe had lots of fun, who the fuck came up with that in the first place?? if blondes have more fun then i'd be up to my neck in diamonds, strange men showing up at my door with flowers and choccie, dancing barefoot on the beach with some hunk, going out to dinners every fucking night or to movies, etc..and etc..and WHAT LIES BEYOND OUR GALAXY??there are over 10,000 galaxies according to some new sci-fi study..wow, imagine if there are 5,000 more Earths or Jupiters, or Saturns etc..and yeah whatevs.

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