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6:03 p.m. - 2010-09-09

I loooove collecting zines...here are some that i got 2 years ago at the Indie Arts Casbah. Enjoy.

the inside...

Proverbial Daisy was sent to me from a friend in England, the rest came from the I.A.C.

This coaster was made by my friend Martin from Denmark. I really miss him!

Whats been happening here, yesterday me and mom drove to Ikea in Burlington and had a fabbity-fab time! Ihaven't been there for a looong while and i was soo happy to step inside that store that i felt like doing a bunch of cartwheels down the aisle! My dad would've been proud of my mom driving onhighway since she hates highways and never drove on them, well, i doubt he would've believed it. Anyways, we didn't get much, stuff we needed like new kitchen curtains, chair seats..we had hotdogs and i forgot how great their lingonberry juice is..mmmm!! then at Fortinos i was sooo happy to see my fav. Montreal cinnamon & sugar bagels..i could eat a 100 of these!!!!


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