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4:15 p.m. - 2010-04-06
woolly caterpillars

I got totally soaked on my way home from work, the rain just came out of nowhere and it figures that it would stop by the time i walked unto the driveway! My Grandma wants to fly over from Sweden to help us, she is so sweet!! Sometimes life is becoming a tri-pod for me, i need friends to lean on and its great that they are there for me when things are going out-of-control. I don't know what i'd do without them. Last night i was so depressed that i just lay awake in bed till 5:00 am and just thought about how life has this annoying way from going great to nose-diving to a bottomless abyss..it just sucks!!!

On Easter Sunday, i made a delicious Easter bundt cake. Helped mom put out patio furniture up on the back porch and we got out the old patio furniture too so we could put it near the bbq and we struggled with the umbrella, trying to fit it through the hole in the middle and mom wanted me to go under the table so that i could pull it through from there but a spider saved me becuz i didn't want to do that and the umbrella slipped and fell against the table sending broken glass down hard unto the ground..i was sooo relieved that i didn't go under it!!!!! My mom kept hugging me and thanking the spider. We threw the table out and i cleaned up the glass from the ground. We also had to rake leaves..yuck!! I rescued 5 woolly bears.

They were all rolled up in my hands and when i placed them on a tree, they unravelled themselves and started climbing around. I've loved caterpillars since i was a kid and used to collect them in glass jars.

I did multiple braids in my hair. Went to Kurtz to look at the Japanese fish in lake and i felt sorry for the dead ones floating on top. Then we had fun walking at Botannical Gardens where i said hello to the 2 cute large ducks and saw an incredible bright yellow/red pheasant and he was trying to attract a female and the male peacock got jealous and decided to put out and his feathers came out and he was trying hard to get all the females interested but they just ignored him so he let out a shrill noise and his feathers hissed like a snake and he grabbed a female and held her by biting into her neck while he got on top of her and shagged her like crazy in front of us..i totally cracked up!! it was hilarious! Came home and i cooked a yummy Moroccan roast beef with ginger orange gravy, sugar snap peas, green beans, and Moroccan potato bake. Watched "Harvey".


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