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hahahaha..i beat this crappy virus that's on my computer..i'm now using safe mode until i can get it properly fixed at the Future Shop on the weekend..this is one not-dumb blonde! this is very weird, mom has her ballet class downstairs in the studio and she's playing an annoying Avril Lavigne song which sounds like its being sung by the chipmunks. Maybe it is them? i dunno, but it sounds way funny.

On Monday, i took off early from work and headed with friends to the Value Village coz it was 50% off of everything..yipeee!! i was a very happy thrifter. We met a lady holding her cute dachsund Ollie who was dressed up in a cute woolie sweater and warm undies and she asked us for advice, if she should get a baby tumbler carrier or whatever those are called coz she thought it would be easier carrying her doggie to her friend's place. She didn't like the pink colour and i said, "yeah, pink is not good for a boy". So she put it back, but when we were in the line-up, she had it with her but then she left it there anyways. All the cashiers were dressed up as Lucille Ball coz it was a 50s theme and they were playing Buddy Holly music around the clock.

I love red velvet cupcakes from Starbucks!! Oh my dad bought me Andy Warhol Giant Size book for my birthday..he RULES!! I mean my dad rules not Warhol. I love him as an artist but as a human, he was a stinker since i saw the film "Factory Girl", it put me right off of his personality. But, as an artist, he was brilliant. And the girl at the cash was telling me that she actually saw his art exhibit, the ones with the Elvis and crash paintings. Grrrrr..i have yet to see those in this lifetime!!
Watched 2 great films.."The Hurt Locker"..holy friggaloni, i cannot believe it that a woman actually directed such a thrilling exciting horrifying war film!! She also did "Point Break" which was good too. "The Hurt Locker" is up for Best Picture, but i doubt it will win. It was soo well made, very artisitical, loved the ending, oh wow, i didn't expect this film to be THIS good! During the film, the central character, the bomb expert guy, he looked so familiar to me and mom that we tried to guess who it is..at first i thought it was a chunky Tobey Maguire, then we thought it must be Casey from "Clown House" all grown up but we were wrong, it just some new guy who happens to look like a lot of other actors. Then we watched "Amelia" about the aviation lady Amelia Earhart who was played excellently by Hillary Swank. It's very sad that Amelia and her navigator disappeared somewhere in the ocean. Also saw "The Education of Charlie Banks" which is about a geek who witnesses a brutal beating and the guy who did it comes after him in college..its a very slow pace film coz it took a long while for the final climax! The bad guy was played by John Ritter's son, Jason..oooh-la-la, he is a FOX!!!!!! Other stuff i did over the weekend, went to the library and bought Stephen King's "Carrie" for only 63cents..WOOT-WOOT!! what a great deal! I've seen the film, but i've always wanted to own the book. Made Portuguese chicken with kale and baked Finnish nut cookies which were super-yum!

I love A Camp a lot :)

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