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5:04 p.m. - 2010-02-10
stronger than jesus
On Monday, headed with friends to the Value Village coz it was 50% off of everything..yipeee!! i was a very happy thrifter. We met a lady holding her cute dachsund Ollie who was dressed up in a cute woolie sweater and warm undies and she asked us for advice, if she should get a baby tumbler carrier or whatever those are called coz she thought it would be easier carrying her doggie to her friend's place. She didn't like the pink colour and i said, "yeah, pink is not good for a boy". So she put it back, but when we were in the line-up, she had it with her but then she left it there anyways.

I love red velvet cupcakes from Starbucks!! Oh my dad bought me Andy Warhol Giant Size book for my birthday..he RULES!! I mean my dad rules not Warhol. I love him as an artist but as a human, he was a stinker since i saw the film "Factory Girl", it put me right off of his personality. But, as an artist, he was brilliant. And the girl at the cash was telling me that she actually saw his art exhibit, the ones with the Elvis and crash paintings.


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