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With the exception of using a little salt in soup, i have totally gone off of it!! I used to put loads of salt on french fries, potatoes, vegetables, meats, but ever since my dad had his heart attack, we've all become a lot more health conscientous and i hardly ever miss salt now and if i eat something out, i cringe now when i taste salty foods and i can taste the strongness of salt in desserts too, it depends what i buy out, i find that most pastries or cakes use lots of sodium bicarbonate, especially in chocolate cakes which turns my stomach..yuck! If i want something to put on my foods, i use a little Mrs. Dash, there's no salt in that. Its really easy to quit using salt, now if i could just quit using sugar..LOL! I'm too much of a sugar freak, i crave it a lot but i never put sugar in my coffee or tea, its always honey in tea! And i prefer dark chocolate Madasgascar to sweet milk chocolates. And of course Stew makes the best ever Indian honey nut dessert (its from a Hari Krishna recipe). But its hard for me to convert to veganism..im not fully there yet.
How not to eat salt:
a. find another substitute that is healthy
b. just say no
c. look for low sodium products

This was my fav. song in the film "Whip It" which was such a fun groovy film!!!! Its the scene where Ellen Page puts a record on the turntable and she falls in love with that band guy jerkass! It's such a sweet song!! I loved when she kissed him and then slapped him across the face coz he was cheating on her!! Thats what i should've done to Vic!! Oh and i had my very first Martini with olive..yummalicious!!!

Today is my daddy's b-day so after this, i'm going to bake him a chocolate cake with mocha icing..and nooo baking soda!

Oh and im really pissed off at my psycho cruel cousin!! My aunt, on the phone, told us that my cousin forces her parents to do things for her..she's in her late thirties, she technically lives alone..well, literally speaking becuz her mom is always over at her flat cleaning for her, she doesn't do nothing! She works at a library and before she leaves for work every morning, her dad drives up to give her, her lunch! Her dad delivers her dinner too..correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't the whole point of living alone, to be independant and do things for yourself other than depending on others to do everything for you?? This is just plain pathetic and idiotic!! I do more things for myself and for my parents than she ever does for hers! So my Aunt applauded me for everything i do and she thinks of my cousin as a no-good-for-nothing horrible nasty person!! She treats everyone around her like dirt, it just saddens me and makes me furious that nothing bad ever happened to her to make her change her personality, quite frankly, she never had one!

The Go-Go's We Got the Beat is blasting upstairs from the studio, my mom is using that one for her tap class..sounds like fun!

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