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4:28 p.m. - 2009-10-06
we met General Gordon!

It was raining on and off over the weekend but me and friends still had a mucho fun time ghost-hunting!!!! We decided to go back to the Drummond Cemetary where we found this really cracked old tombstone that dated back to 1797! Crikey! thats totally Victorian! Anyways, while we were walking around, all of a sudden Maria pointed towards one of the trees in the distance and i could swear that it was a hazy outline of a soldier! He wavered in the mist and then disappeared..we were all a bit shook up coz we all saw it at the same time! I was shaking too much to take a picture, but i did get several weird ones! At first i missed it, but then i took a close look at the photo i took when we came through the gates and then some how i had taken the same photo but from a different angle, in the first one, there is a very white figure lying on top of one of the tombstones..Stew believes it to be the shape of a big white dog, but in the other photo, there is nothing on top of that same tombstone! It is just soooo freaky!!! We did visit the Screaming Tunnel again, and there was the same cold spot in the exact same spot i remembered it to be last time we were there. Dan lit up his lighter and this time we heard a very faint scream that sounded like a girl..i totally ran out of the tunnel and everyone followed me and it was funny coz they were all asking me why did i run out? and i started laughing coz of the way they all looked white in the face like they had seen a ghost..i really don't know why i ran out like that, i guess it was just freaky impulse? Anyways, i noticed in the photo a girl's face on the concrete, in a contorted scream but Stew thinks its just the shape of the gravel on the concrete that makes it look like a girl's face but i don't know, it does look like the screaming girl.

On Sunday, i helped decorate the dance studio with Halloween stuff, streamers, and outside, we put out all the scarecrow dolls, and got 5 pumpkins from the patch in our garden..we can't really carve them coz they are quite small. Also made a nice table centerpiece with faux autumn leaves. I can't get enough of yummy apple crumble..mmm!! Oh on Thursday night, i heard my mom going all Obama and telling the students "YES YOU CAN!" and the parents all gave her a thumbs up..its Obama-mania over here..WOOT!WOOT! I found the perfect black knee-high boots with flat heels coz i can't wear anything with high heels coz i have the worst ankles on earth! so anyways, they were on sale or so i thought, coz when i got to the cash, i was told that those particular ones weren't on sale..fuck-double-fuck! so i left them there. I hate when that happens.


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