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9:21 p.m. - 2009-08-28
victorian day

Yesterday it was my mom and dad's Anniversary and we got dressed up all poshy and headed to Queen's Landing, its quite Victorian ritzy inside like something out of "The Great Gatsby". We had a groovy booth near the window and i kept on taking sips from mom's strawberry pina colada and my head didn't even swirl upside this time!LOL. We got served breads with strawberry butter and i kicked myself a dozen times for not ordering the chicken supreme that my mom ate!! We all love trying each others food but noone wanted to switch with me :( i had the lobster pieces which was great but there was just too much going on in that bowl, 4 types of mushrooms, pine nuts, pasta, and they were all drowning in some sort of oily butter sauce..crikey! The dessert was amaaazing!! coconut rum cheesecake and vanilla lavendar creme brulee served with a long biscotti = HEAVEN! The Asian guy who served us, gave me and mom pink roses after dessert (its a nice restaurant custom)..mom said that the guy couldn't keep his eyes off me..LOL, she's always saying things like that. Anyways, i filled out this commentary sheet and i wrote "everything was absolutely lovely!" and i drew a giant star on it and the guy was funny, and said, "i only get one star? where's the rest?"LOL. I said that i did make him a really big star and he winked at me. He also was impressed that i hardly made a single mess on my side of the table..HA! We took pics after around the beautiful painting of sunflowers,Tiffany lamps, Victorian mirror in hallway,at the sand coloured grand piano upstairs,it was fun pretending that we were the Royal Family!


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