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6:49 p.m. - 2009-08-25
C.N.E. adventure...

The C.N.E. was sooo mucho fun yesterday!!!!even the weather was perfect so i didn't need to worry about getting burnt. Mom and dad said we should go. When we got to Toronto, we were shocked that it was 20 bucks parking everywhere so we had no choice but to park at Ontario Place. Once inside the grounds, mom spotted a way cool basketball game set up NBA pro-style. This cute boy there gave me a discount :) I tried to win a giant basketball plushie and 3x i nearly put the ball through the hoop! I broke my charm bracelet when the ball popped back at me..shit! We headed to the Garden Pavillion where they had these groovy sand sculptures depicting Greek mythological characters, i think i reconized Zeus. Further in, there were booths set up from lots of countries..FUN!! We visited Cuba, Tibet(groovy huge yin-yang iron-on!), South Africa(sweet lady there gave me a discount on a beaded ring), England(mom got yummy blackpool rock candy stick, sadly they had no marmite, boost chocolate, or rainbow puffs! those are like heavenly food from the UK!!), India(cute elephant with bell purse clip), Finland, Equador,Indonesia(they had authentic hippie tie-dye t-shirts..yay!!), China, Morocco, Pakistan,Japan(i totally cracked up at the converse boot keychain)..there was a large are in back with dresses for 10 bucks and i found the perfect black lace dress with black tutu on bottom! Mom went totally nutz in that place too..LOL! A girl who worked there loved my big bead ring :) We watched this groovy New Zealand dance troupe on stage in grass skirts twirling pom-pom sticks and singing. We went back outside to eat and found Bubba's Butterfly chips (gawd, if any of you ever had the best fries ever this is IT!!) well, they were nearly as good as my dad's! We also got chocolate popcorn ball and yay!! i had my first Scottish fried mars bar! man, it was great,or as they say in Scotland, scrummy!!! We spoke to a lady there who told us that they fry anything down in the States and said that they do chocolate covered bacon..whaaaa??? none of us wanted to try it..LOL. She said thats the weirdest thing on their menu.

We headed back to Pavilion and had a totally hard time finding the Ricoh Coliseum where Elvis Stojko was performing, we did find the Superdogs place but we already saw that one last time. We got lost but after getting cotton candy, the lady directed us the right way. It was where we had first came in and there already was a line-up near the two large double doors. This weirdo couple in front of us, tall woman with chiseled cheekbones and her jurassic boyfriend with white wispy hair, dark tan, they kept on monkey-ing each other, she was going through his hair picking imaginary bugs from it and he was poking parts of her ass, we had to turn away and most people were looking at them all disgusted. Its not something you should do when the place is filled with little kids! The door finally opened a little before 7:00 pm and frigid air swooped at us as we walked in and we grabbed cold seats on the side near front and the show was spectacular!! Movie magic aerial acrobats and ice-skating to "Shrek", and Elvis skated to "Kill Bill". Man, that guy can spin like a twister!!!He's my all-time fav. Canadian figure-skater so you can imagine how i got all gooey inside when he skated by close-up!!Show lasted 30 minutes and then we looked around another section of the pavillion and dad got a cool Lancaster Bomber 1944 t-shirt and the guy there told us the sad tragic story about that plane, how it caught fire and one of the pilots wanted to save his friend and he ended up dead while the other guy lived. Looked at some vintage stuff, mostly tv show memorabillia, but they had 60s bands, and grunge bands etc..and some guy with grunge hair said out loud, "who is Kurt Cobain? wait, i should know this." i mean, really, DUH!! I played another game, fish out a coke can and i got a small prize like usual, a cute dolphin plushie. Okay, there were these footsie mooshie things all over the place, so my mom decided she wanted her feet massaged, she sat in a cow print chair for 25cents..it was so powerful when i tried to put my foot on, it felt like an earthquake! My mom couldn't feel her feet for a few seconds..LOL. We couldn't find the building with all the livestock in it, they had been moved from their usual spot. Went to the Food Expo building and we alked around for nearly an hour trying to figure out what to eat! There was just way too much food everywhere! I felt like i was growing fatter and fatter just by staring at all that food! Finally, i got 6 perogies and mom and dad had the delicious pita wraps at the Middle Eastern place (mmmm..Masala chicken with Lebanese taboule etc..).

It was getting quite dark outside when we left the food building and mom convinced me and dad to go with her on the Crazy Mo�se rollercoaster..wtf was i thinking?? i'm so scared of heights! but i said what the hell! so then mom got all excited and rushed up the metal steps and the cute tattooed guy told us that thats the exit, so then we had to find the long line-up around the corner. As i watched the ride, i had second thoughts and when it was our turn, i wanted to bolt! The ride was sort of a tilt-a-whirl coaster, it went up and down and round and twirled i odd angles, so we sat down in this big round mouse and i was fine until we went down and then up and i thought we'd fly right off the track and all of a sudden we would snap us around, it was weird! i'm a screamer when i go on rides, i love to let it out and it relaxes me but man, was i screaming!!! and we got twirled all over the place even as we went down, but it was fun! Then we got to see our pic that was taken during the ride and suddenly these 2 cute guys started pissin' their pants laughing hard at our pic and mom said "its so hilarious!" and the guys said "yeah, especially the one in the middle!" meaning ME! i was so embarrassed coz i looked totally ghastly with my mouth open so big! i looked like "Most Haunted!" i did laugh hard too, i just looked so horrid! Mom wanted to buy the photo but thankfully my dad didn't have cash on him! We were still laughing about the pic on the way home!


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