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Can it get any hotter? hell yeah! there was supposed to be a thunderstorm this morning but it never came, not that im complaining but the heat is getting to me. Here's what went down on Friday night..Stew, Al and Lily picked me up to go camping, i didn't bother to pack too many things coz i was just too hot to do much, i was mostly in my bathing suit anyways. We got to Earl Rowe Park around 10:30 pm and we had to pitch 2 tents in the dark. LOL, us girls had to help the boys do theirs! It was hilarious watching them wrestle with ropes and pegs and flashlights! This was the first time they had to do it coz usually we all share Dale's gigantic dome tent. Afterwards we had fun making a fire in the pit and bbq-ing vegan hotdogs and eating them with chips and drinking beer and just chillin' out. We also toasted marshmellows and got some of it stuck to my hair..i was miss marshmellow head the whole night. Before bed, we headed to the showers in this dingy looking cabin, it wasn't far to walk which was a good thing but i still ended up with zillions of mosquito bites!! why do mosquitoes have to live on the same planet as we do?? the boys showers were on the other side, we could hear them through the walls. LOL, Stew doing a really bad version of a Beck song. I went in the shower first and the shower head was too high up and i tried to adjust it and it came off in my hands! Lily was going all "ohmigod, what did you do?" so i showed her and she totally cracked up. So when she went in, she had to shower right underneath the wall where the water came out of a hole that i created. There were benches near the showers where we could put our stuff but most of it was wet coz of the spurting water all over the place. The lighting was quite dim around the sink area, gawd the place just creeped us out like a scene out of Friday the 13th! I bumped straight into an old bald guy outside the door and he looked beyond weird! He kept on grinning at us even when we told him that the men's showers are on the other side. When we walked away, and i looked back, he was still standing there looking scary under the moonlight! Just as we were getting to sleep, we heard shouting from the boys tent and we ran out to see what happened..LOL!Al had a grasshopper fall on him and he was trying to get it out of the tent and tent went all crooked and i thought for sure that the whole thing was gonna fall on top of them, but luckily it held and Al finally got the grasshopper out. The next day, after a breakfast of dried fruit loops and orange crush, we walked a long way to the mega sized pool the size of a soccer field! We were in the water for nearly the whole afternoon playing water polo with a beachball and floating on Al's inflatable mattress and me and Lily spotted several cute indie guys at the other end but unfortunately they came saranwrapped to their girlfriends :( Why are all the cute guys taken?? not bloody fair! Even if one of them kept staring at me but i think it must've been the big flowers swimcap i was wearing, it seemed to draw attention to a swarm of yellow jackets which Stew found amusing. The cute indie guys thought it was funny to pick their girlfriends up and fling them into the pool..why do most guys do that? It happens at every beach or pool we've been to. DUH! After the long walk back, we bbqed more vegan hotdogs and this time Stew forgot that they were actually being cooked and he sort of burnt them..how can you burn hotdogs??LOL. After scaring ourselves with ghost stories, we headed to the showers and we were afraid that the bald git would be there but thankfully he wasn't! and i guess someone must've said something coz the shower head was fixed, there was no more gaping hole staring back at me and this time it worked really good! We quickly went back to the tent and i noticed some black things crawling on the door so i borrowed Stew's flashlight and there were 8 earwigs on the canvas..UGH!!!! i can't stand them! neither can Lily. I got a branch and swiped them off but then we examined the whole inside of the tent until we were sure that there were no more of those fugly bugs anywhere but it was a totally sleepless night coz i kept on staring at the ceiling wondering if there were any more around. Gawd those things could run me out of the country!! In the morning, we packed everything away and headed home, we stopped off to get some ice-cream at this groovy little shack near the road, they actually served gelato and i got toblerone and orange..mmmmmm!!! I got dropped off at my place and i headed straight for the inflatable pool in the back, i was so sticky and sweaty from the ride back! Mom made yummy muskoka chicken with zucchini cabbage creamy coleslaw..i was soo starved. Fez kept on playing with my feet under the table, those kittens are just soo adorable!! During dinner we listened to mom's fav. Hungarian pop songs after i convinced her not to play any gypsy violin stuff..she was all "how about Hungarian gypsy music?" and i said "i want to have a nice meal, not a frantic one!" gypsy violins can be so annoying to the ears! Afterwards, i helped mom organize all the cassettes and cds in the ballet studio since the registrations start on Saturday. Also we painted over the crummy peeling paint on the walls, its now a bright light blue colour and it reminds me of a swimming pool. People might think that mom is teaching synchronized swimming instead of ballet! I actually kind of like the blue colour, its quite relaxing.

I've started eating Quaker apples and cinammon for breakfast..i love healthy food and also i've stopped eating greasy chips coz my stomach got sick from them at camp, so now i only eat rice cakes or sun chips. I hate scorpion looking spiders! one of them crawled on me yesterday when i was reading a book and i panicked and tried to get out of the chair and i got stuck and hurt my elbow when i finally jumped out of chair! i thought i had squashed the spider, but it was gone. We were en route to the library when we decided to stop at Timmys (i don't particularly fancy that one coz its always filled with creepy truckers) but we had no choice but to eat inside coz of the heat-we had croissants with jam and we sat near the window in an empty section and next thing we know, mom whispers to me, when a creepy trucker sat down across from us, that he kept on staring at her and also gave her a smile! I thought, man, here we go again! my mom is always attracting attention whereever we go and she doesn't even dress slutty! We quickly finished eating and went to library which was closed and mom said "just for your information, i'm closed on Mondays too!"LOL! REALLY!! she said that it was so obvious when that trucker stared at her, he was drinking his milk and staring, drinking his milk and staring and so on..and she said "i don't mind being stared at but not when i have poison ivy!"Gawd, even looking like that she gets stared at more times than i do! not that i want to be ogled by a creepy trucker..ugh!! i don't know what's worse? to be stared at by a trucker or a waste engineer?? Oh, on our way out of parking lot, a guy walked by with super bleached hair and moustache and wore a super bright orange muscle shirt and mom said "this guy thinks he's a junior hulk hogan!"LOL. the guy really did look like him without the bulging muscles. Stew phoned me up later on and said that the radio is giving away Pearl Jam tickets and i was like "no way!!" i put the radio on to the Edge FM alternative station and they were playing Don't Look Back In Anger (a fav. Oasis song of mine) and then they played this groovy song "Alive Again" with killer synth beats but the daft dj forgot to mention who the song is by so now i'll never know??? i hate when they do that! Anyways, you're supposed to guess 5 Pearl Jam songs that are all mashed up to win the tickets, there's no way i could do that so Stew got Al to use his cell and he got through and Al was off by one song! We could've had 5 free tickets..FUCK! Oh well, i'm not blaming Al but Stew is..LOL. Last night it was too hot to sleep so i watched "Pulp Fiction" on showcase and i wish there was a diner like Rabbit Sim's when Vince Vega and Mia are sitting in a cadillac booth eating burgers and sipping a 5 dollar milkshake! The dance scene is my fav. part of the whole film and they always cut it off!

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