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1:30 p.m. - 2009-08-05
tall ships

Funky funky fun at Canal Daze in Port Colborne Saturday..it was very hot and humid and by the time we got there, dad found a perfect parking spot near everything so that we didn't have to walk for miles like last time. There were the usual vendors along the long road beside the canal. I tried on a pair of purple pants but they made me look quite puffy..ugh! At this nature booth, this surfer cute guy with multiple dreadlocks went down 5 bucks on a cute wraparound skirt..yay! there was also a wooden elephant wall mask that i couldn't resist. We saw a huge oil tanker go by all the way from Minnesota! A rockabilly band was playing some awesome 50s songs and one of them, a guy with super Elvis hairdo was beating on his cello. Another band further down had a bigger crowd and 2 guys dressed in jail suits and had ball chains on their feet were playing Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" and also some songs from the film "O Brother Where Art Thou?" except they were missing George Clooney.
The best part of the day is when we went on a tour of Briggs US tall ship!! It was fun though until we got to the lower deck or chamber-whatever its called-i called it claustrophobic terror!! the ceilings were soo low that we had to bend our heads and bodies-there was a picnic table in the center of the small stuffy room and i kept on wandering how on earth anyone could actually eat there?? its like a dark dungeon and there were loads of bags of hammocks stacked against the wall for the 44 crew members to sleep in..wow! they actually sleep down there too!at this point i could hardly wait to get out of there!!!! and right then, these 2 women picked the moment on the stairs to talk about personal stuff-i was like, come on ladies hurry it up-i feel major claustrophic attack coming on!!LOL, thanks mom for making them move aside! I loved the top deck where there was actual AIR and you could see the waves through the porthole and of course the beautiful gigantic American flag waving on top of the mast. I was expecting to see a giant wheel but there was none-i wandered how they navigate the ship. There was also no Johnny Depp on board in his sexy pirate costume :( There were black cannons on each side..do these people actually still do battles on the high seas? i should've asked. We got hungry so we got jumbo ears and i have to remember next time that the best one is with maple syrup and brown sugar! So i ended up eating half of my dad's and he ate half of my boring cinammon and sugar one. Mom had the one with mixed fruits but i didn't really like that one coz the fruit made the dough all soggy. Me no like! The big bubble machine was there again..i looove bubbles! One of the boutiques sold Juicy Couture stuff - i read about this in a book, i kinda forgot which one? but i was curious to finally see but everything was way expensive! i fell in love with a pair of rock n roll goldfish flipflops but even those were EEEEEP!!

Watched "Marilyn's Last Session" on tv, a documentary on my fav. actress Marilyn Monroe and her last days before her death, which is still inconclusive!

Mom was talking about her many ex-boyfriends at dinner again *ROLLS EYES* it is fun though to listen to her adventures when she was a teen. This one guy even created a song for her on his guitar! The only thing a guy ever did for me was slap me hard on the face at the bus stop in front of everyone in my class-very humiliating!! he never even apologized to me. I guess guys back in my mom's time were much more civilized and knew how to respect and treat a lady! I finished reading a great book called "Totally Joe" by James Howe--its about a boy coming out of the closet and i love how he referred to jocks as guy-guys--those are the people i avoided in school-most of them were shallow jerks.


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