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So much has happened since the last time i spoke here..we just got the flat tire fixed today..when we went to Ikea last week, dad managed to drive over a bolt that had probably fallen out of someone's furniture box (i'm assuming here like Carmen), anyways, thats what pierced right through it and dad had to call the CAA to come and give us a spare which took hours! because i got rid of everything pink in my room, i needed a new computer chair, so i got a blue-green one and matching curtains and i love how it goes groovy with my wall colour. While we waited for the tire to be changed, me and mom looked around Sears and they had a table with plates of yummy varieties of cookies and i was so hungry so i grabbed a few, then we headed to Fortinos and dad met us inside and said that he had to call the CAA again coz he missed the guy totally and the guy only blew up the tire and left and the tire got flat again, so dad had to call them to give us a spare, crikey!! Finally the tire was put on and it took the same amount of time to wait for 2 boxes of pizza. After we ate, we headed home and i told dad to call the police and arrest the bolt that killed our tire which cracked him up.
Watched this great 60s film..

Caught Pheonix on Kimmel and they sang Lisztomania and they were bang on!! I love when a band sounds great live, not just on their cd!

Went camping with friends since Stew got back but we didn't stay too long at Simcoe Lake coz there was a tornado warning and guess who was the first person to leap out of the tent and run for the station wagon! yeah c'est moi! It was fun swimming in the lake and me and Maria helped the guys make a gigantic sand anaconda which was about 8 feet long..some little kids watched us make it but unfortunately the next day, the tide was too high and washed most of the tail away.

Ginger is bringing her kittens closer to us each day and so i named the female, Jackie and the male, Fez..haha..can you guess where i came up with those names?
I think by now that everyone has heard that Michael Jackson has died..i still can't believe it. My friends and I made a special tribute to him at work..we played Jackson 5 and songs from Thriller all day and Steve even wore a glitter glove but we all regretted it when we asked him to show us some MJ moves..haha..yes it was horrible! Everyone liked my moonwalk down the hall. Also sad that Farrah Fawcett, the original Charlie's Angel died too on the same day!
Yay for USA to reach the Confederation Cup Final!! unfortunately they lost to Brazil. I do admire Dempsey a lot!!
Went over on the weekend to Stew's place and we watched The Life and Times of Harvey Milk together. Finished reading Breaking Up by Aimee Friedman and it was a great graphic book! There were too many severe storms lately..yuck!

On Canada Day Wednesday, the weather started off warm and sunny so we drove to the Port place and headed to the amusement park. I played a fishing game and won an inflatable butterfly..haha..funny thing is that i got rid of all the inflatables i had in my room..oh well! Had cotton candy on a stick but the warmth kept melting it and i ended up with totally sticky fingers! There was a ride there called Spin Out and had F1 cars pictured in the background and the ride was clustered together in sections and it went round and upside down..eeeek! i got sick just looking at it. Noone felt like swinging so we just watched..We had fun riding on the carousel sitting on the medieval dressed horsies..after that, i dipped my toes into the lake and walked along the sandy shore and i saw a huge water beetle swimming around and it looked scary! Shared yummy strawberry keylime cake, lemon crunch, and the BEST-->hazelnut choccie bars..mmmmmm!! a lady came by with a tray filled with cute mini sugar cookies and offered us some. When we got home, it started to rain so we had to eat the steak inside. And there were no fireworks in our area this time.

Next day, we went on a road trip to Stoney Creek (famous for their ice-cream) and spent the day there and i saw a lightning flash close by and we got hit by another storm on the way home.

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