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2:34 p.m. - 2009-06-24
daddy day

On Friday we decided to go to the Ribfest coz we weren't sure if it was going to rain on the weekend or not. There were rib grill booths set up along the back of the large field, stadium seats in the center and picnic tables around there in front of a stage where some country music band was playing..it was hard to pick which ribs to taste so we finally chose classic 50s style ribs at Bone Daddy's and they had loads of trophies on a table in front of their booth and they had won last year and man, their ribs were soooo good!!!!! they had a sweet and spicy sauce, i think it was jalapeno. On Saturday, went to pick up my paint and it was really cold and raining and i managed to find a green shade close to 1970s avocado and even the girl who mixed the paint said it was a cool colour. Had yummy nachos with green onion sauce and pineapple bits and Polish donuts..

On Father's Day, the weather was starting to get humid by the time we got to Clifton Hill and we discovered a new attraction..The Rock & Roll Bowl, so we went inside and there were casino type games inside, guitar hero which RULES!!, lots of bars, a restaurant and passed the line of pool tables on the far end, was the rock n bowling lanes with colourful bowling balls with the vintage 3 holes look. we sat down at a high bar table near the lanes so we could listen to the music and we ordered delicious Thai chicken fingers on a bed of Chinese egg noodles and stuffed bbq potato skins. we took photos underneath the gigantic Jim Morrison mural and went to Fudge Factory and got more sponge toffee. It was fun walking around and these guy went by who looked like they were in an indie band, but they went by soo fast i couldn't get a close look at them. The Movie Wax Museum had a very life-like figure of Heath Ledger as the Joker.


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