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The new guy at work is quite peculiar and hilarious all at the same time..he's spent most of his youth in the army and i guess in a way its went to his head becuz he's always whistling tunes from every war film ever made! you name it, he can do it! he's rather obssessed actually with anything to do with the army and he's always wearing his cammo (thankfully no combat make-up!)..i guessed one of the tunes he was whistling real loud.."bridge on the river kwai" and he was impressed that i knew that one and told me that i had won a prize..erm...i hope he was literally speaking of course! he calls our sewing stations "platoons", the storage/stock room is now the "barracks" and the boss is "the sarge" and yeah he seems to be kissing up to him coz the boss likes his new title..figures! you cannot inflate the boss' ego anymore or he'll blow his toupée up! none of us know the army guy's real name, he just goes by "soldier"..how convenient..but someone did mention the name Bill, so who knows?

i'm getting pissed off at all the chain mail i've been getting!! i know its not Stew, or Maria..i don't know who could be sending them to me..i hate those!!!! first off, i really don't want to send these sort of annoyances to anyone else, its just not nice and secondly, i really don't have that many people to send them off to! i used to get chain letters in high school from people who'd tease me a lot and had a good laugh on my expense. I just never got the point of chain mail..what exactly is it supposed to do other than aggravate you and making you scared in a way that if you don't send it right away to a certain number of people than you are going to have bad luck for years..it used to scare the shite outta me but now i know that its just superstitious crap and the people who dump these chain letters into other peoples inboxes really have nothing better to do with their spare time. i'm sorry but this makes me very angry.

Over the weekend, i'll be going thrifting..i haven't been doing that for a long while now and i always get excited to go! I also will get some gifts for my dad..his birthday is next week but since everyone is working, we are going out to celebrate on Sunday. I have such a groovy dad..he got me into johnny cash and trini lopez!

we got our frustrating 2009 collection calendar..frustrating coz we have to memorize what things to put where and what not to put in 4 different types of boxes..its like we have to take an Eco-exam to remember everything! there's the green bin(food & yard material every week), then you got your blue box which you have to put out one week and then the grey box which you have to put out the next week and of course the regular garbage..then they tell you what you have to put into each and then a big NO-NO to stuff that you can't put in..CONFUSING!! i know its for the environment but i totally miss those days when all you had to do was take out the trash!

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