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Indian summer for the whole weekend..yay!! just in time for Thanksgiving!! I don't have to go into work tomorrow, only to pick up my paycheck & then we're going on a road trip to Port Colbourne.

Last night after work, i headed to Sam's place where we sat on those groovy leather couches of hers and snacked on sour cream n onion popcorn while we watched "Psycho" the original one with Anthony Perkins (there can never be a better Norman Bates than him!)..i remember when my aunt told me of this film when i was wee and she said that she had to always lock the bathroom door before taking a shower..haha..i wonder if she still does this? i haven't asked her lately. Its not the first time i've seen the film though, but the shower scene still scares me! Me and mom did go to the Alfred Hitchcock building at Universal Studios Florida a long while back and we sat there while they explained the shower scene..that it was chocolate they used to make it seem more like blood for a black n while movie. The first Hitchcock film i ever rented out was "Rear Window" and since then i've got nearly the entire video collection.

Today, i made tomato soup with monterey jack cheese and celery sticks and also had bagels with cucumber, it was all hippie-dippy vegetarian food today. For dessert, the yummy button cookies mom made last night. And then i watched "Woodstock 69: The Lost Performances" and it was mega groovy to see Janis Joplin sing coz on the double Woodstock 69 videos, they never showed her. Each time i hear her voice, it just makes me freeze on the spot..sooo amazing!! Also, before Riottt Girls, there was Melanie, man she was fierce on stage!! I also love Arlo Guthrie a lot too!

Then i watched The Ramones "We're Outta Here!" filmed in 1996 at LA's The Palace..i loved when Joey Ramone said "Any Stephen King fans out there?" coz i knew that one of my fav. songs of theirs was up next.."Pet Semetary"! and they did "Rock n Roll High School" on some funny show..they didn't seem to age much and it was like they were totally immortal, that they would rock out forever.

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