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4:52 p.m. - 2008-09-16
i met a gruesome!!

Words cannot describe what a fab time i had on saturday!!!!!!! unfortunately stew had to work so i went with another friend to the Indie Arts Casbah and it was inside a small space next to several thriftshops and as we went through the open door, there were tables set up everywhere with tons of poetry, zines, artwork, flyers etc..i spoke to a guy who used to be in an indie punk band Loogan Bin and friends and he gave me one of his cassettes with 2 songs on it (wow! i did give it a listen and its really good, very raw punk sounding!!) and i spoke with him for a few minutes coz he told me that he's in limbo right now coz not many over 30-somethings want to get together and jam so he doesn't know what he's going to do..its pretty sad that Loogan Bin is no more coz i love their sound! i did buy an Enid(Ghostworld) button for a buck and this cool zine called "Summer In the Suburbs" by Jen. there was food laid out on a long table near the bright colored urban paintings..the food was courtesy of the Pan Café, very organic with strawberries, dipping sauces, veggies & pitas but neither me or my friend took any coz the food looked pretty much eaten. i got a whole bunch of flyers and zines for free too :) but then the most AMAAAZING thing happened!!! I met the singer/guitarist of legendary garage punk band The Gruesomes!!!!! ohmigod, i still can't believe it!!:):) Gerry Alvarez is soo gorgeous!!! and he was very sweet too,he said that since i'm such a huge fan of the band i could have the first album,"Tyrants of Teen Trash" for $4.00! i bought a button of his side project The Gerry Alvarez Odyssey and a Gruesomes poster..he signed the poster and the cd for me :) and he gave me a press book for free. I flipped through his artwork and i told him that im an artist too and he got interested in my artwork which was sooo thrilling!! he kept on saying how sweet i am :) we talked to some other people there and most of them thought i was in my teens :) and when i said im in my 20s they couldn't believe it! that made my day!! my friend bought some photography booklets and then we ate wild salad with boccachini and shared a slice of yummy white chocolate mousse cake and i was still shaking from all the excitement!


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