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4:42 p.m. - 2008-05-09
strokes dream

It took me an hour to locate the other half of my favourite striped knee-highs last night and i found it at the bottom of the laundry bin next to the washer in the basement and it was stuck to a crocheted blanket..ahhhh i'm soo happy when i find things!

Sooooo freezing cold..it doesn't seem like summer will ever come :( I have a fun picnic at Martindale Pond planned for my mom..i hope that it won't rain!!! And then we want to try out the waffle bowl at Dairy Queen and for supper i'm doing a cherry coconut chicken dish with mango tango salsa salad.

Dream i recently had involved..

I always thought Julian would some day be my future hubby..

hahaha..i can't go wrong with a boy who wears Ghostbuster t-shirts!!


My dream: i went to the grocers and i saw The Strokes in the back and i got all excited but then they vanished and someone said they're staying in the motel in back and a janitor told me that they're in one of the rooms on the other side and the doors looked all funny like train doors and i slid one of them open and Ashton Kutcher (how the heck did he get into my dream??) he yelled at me to close the door and they were all sleeping in there under this big white blanket, i got excited and phoned a friend and then we went back to door and opened it and Julian got up and winked at me and all the Strokes were wearing indie clothes:black tight trousers, black vest & white shirt. Julian kept on giving me hugs. We were outside and the sun was out and it was warm and they were throwing a huge inflated Labatt's Blue bottle in the air and Julian got upset when it got stuck on top of a tree and i told him not to worry coz the wind will blow it back down and it did and Julian was happy and i said that i'd prefer Heinekken and Albert said that its everywhere in Europe and he got bored of it.


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