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4:47 p.m. - 2008-05-01
spooked castle

Watched the final of Ghost Trackers on Tuesday night and it took place inside Casa Loma..i've been there a long while back when i was 13 years old and i went on a school trip there and i remember that i was fascinated with all the knights along the hallway and the gigantic ballroom and we took these narrow wooden creaking stairs up and we were allowed to explore on our own around the rooms and i went into what i thought was a grand old bedroom and i nearly took off screaming when i saw two women dressed in old century outfits..i really had thought they were ghosts!! but it turned out that they were two Amish women tourists and at that time i had no idea what Amish meant but now i do. Then as a group we went with a tour guide down the long darkly lit cold underground tunnel and i had a major panic attack becuz i've always been claustrophic! and i thought we'd never reach the end of the tunnel and when we finally emerged, we stood in an old horse stable and car garage, but man, was i glad to get out of there!!!!! i also felt like i was being watched, or i had the feeling that someone was following me around..it was weird! i've always been a believer of ghosts and 2 years ago i went ghost hunting with friends at this old cemetary which is said to be haunted by a bearded army general and when i was walking around reading the tombstones, i heard a faint laughing sound and i heard footsteps go right past me and the hairs on the back of my head stood up and i aimed my camera towards the end of the cemetary and when i saw the actual photo i took, i couldn't believe it that i captured a foggy patch on the tree that looks like the army general, you can see the eyes and the beard!!!!! when i showed it to everyone, they all freaked out and said that i definitely got a ghost on camera!!!! now im too scared to set foot inside that cemetary again!


- it was built in 1914 with 98 rooms, some of which have never been completed
- in the 1920s it was used for a night spot after it was vacated by its original owner Sir Henry who didn't actually live there
- in 1937 it was opened to the public as a museum
- it also became Hogwarts, transformed for the 7th Harry Potter book signings
- it is said to be haunted by many ghosts including a lady in white who appeared in front of the night janitor and rushed madly at him! Bianca the girl who won Ghost Trackers actually felt a presence and her equipment shut off and she still remained calm! i would've been running out of there sooo fast i probably would've left a cartoon cut-out of myself through the door!
Yesterday Bobby went sniff crazy in the bathroom and when i opened up the bottom drawer, i noticed mouse poop all over the place and funny red flakes, then when i opened up the under the sink area door, i saw the mouse inside my safflower oil container, it had chewed off the red cap and decided to dive right in and the poor thing had drowned! i felt sick so my dad had to get rid of it, and then i spent all evening cleaning up the bathroom coz there was mouse poop everywhere!!
Dad asked me if i know this Victor Borgis guy or whatever? and he showed me a pamphlet advertisement and i said "am i supposed to know him??" he told me that Victor is or was a comic pianist and he's like 90 years old and erm..."dad, sorry dude, but i wasn't even born!"hahahaha..when i asked Steve at work if he knew him, he thought i was talking about some wild boar which really cracked me up!!! i thought if someone knows every single stand up comic, it would be him but noone has ever heard of this Borgis guy.
Roxie the friendly raccoon came at the usual time at night for her cat food and then as a treat i gave her some old raisin bread..raccoons looove this!!


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