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Bruce Lee died 35 years ago and there was this huge article on him in the newspaper..i've always thought that he was the best looking Chinese man ever!!!!i've seen several of his martial art films, thanks to this guy i knew in high school who was one of his biggest fans, and i've gotten to admire Bruce a lot!

- Bruce looks so sexy and calm in this photo..before he starts karate chopping people to bits..heh!
- apparently he's becoming mucho popular again coz of the summer Olympics in China this year..there's also a film The Legend of Bruce Lee in the making..there's also going to be Bruce Lee: the Musical..hahaha..singing while kick-boxing!..that would be a RIOTTTT!!!

- when i was 12 years old, i joined the Villeneuve dojo with my best friend Christine so that we could gain self-confidence..they never told us that we would have to kick-ass with the boys though! I enjoyed doing the katas (the artistical movements of karate) and i even won a trophy at the Karate Championships at age 13. But, and this is a big BUT! i never liked the actual combat of the sport especially when they made girls go against the boys! I, of all shy girly-girls, ended up punching a boy in the mouth, breaking his braces in half! John, the teacher, made me kneel down and reflect on what i had done..i was soooo embarrassed!! i guess i was more embarrassed for the boy than myself. Anyways, i did get it back really bad..the boy had revenge on his mind and when we were practicing kicks to the gut the next week, his kicks were soooo hard, i had the breath knocked out of me, and i had tears coming down my face, and i ran into the girl's bathroom and refused to come out! Eventually my friend coaxed me back in and the teacher made the boy apologize to me, but the damage was done and i refused to take part in any more fighting after that!
- the best part of taking karate were the tournaments! they took place in this massive gymn and me and Christine would spend most of the time peeling the masking tapes off the floor and making huge balls out of them and chucking it at Peter, who was John's cute brother and who also taught at the dojo. We were both seriously crushing on him even though he was at least 20 years older than us! He'd give us piggyback rides around the gymn too..he was soo much fun to tease..haha!! Not in the dirty sense, but in the childish crush sense. I wasn't too keen on the uniforms becuz the way they were crossed tied, it would always come loose, so i'd always wear a t-shirt underneath. I started off with white belts, then came yucky yellow, then hideous orange, and then my final belt was green which i was proud of :)
- the guy Villeneuve who owned the dojo used to do kickboxing with Chuck Norris! But unfortunately Chuck never showed up once at the dojo.
- i was madly crushing on Michelle (a gorgeous French Canadian boy who was in my class)..but he already had a girlfriend..even at age 15, a boy can already be taken!! He was working towards his black belt. There are several levels of black belts and i would've had to continue taking karate for years and that seemed boring to me. So after i got my green belt, i shortly quit afterwards. It didn't really help me achieve my self-esteem, or make me a female Bruce Lee..becuz i learned the hard way..this one time, me and Christine had taken our bikes to the park and we were having fun on the swings when these awful bullies showed up and started calling us names, so i shouted back "don't make us mad coz we have black belts and we'll slam you!" and the boys looked at us and laughed and then i told Christine that we should leave becuz i was getting a bad feeling, and when we got our bikes, the boys took them away from us, and started kicking at them and destroying them and some man who was walking by saw what was happening and yelled at the boys to stop, so we quickly grabbed up our bikes and took off and by the time we got home, we were both shaking and crying..so karate was worth nothing to us! coz in the end we were still 2 frightened little girls who couldn't stand up for themselves.

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