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Long distant relationships never work out..i was madly in love with this guy who worked in a vintage movie poster shop in Mississauga and i lived 8 hours away and when he told me he'd call me, he never did :( I guess he realized that there is no way we could go out on a date whenever we wanted to unless i had a Doctor Who tardis to transport me there in a matter of seconds. I really liked him a lot and i got the impression that he also fell head over heels for me and he was a huge John Carpenter fan too. That was the time i found the poster of my all-time favourite indie film Small Faces in his shop and i got soo excited coz i thought i'd never find it..its actually hanging in the laundry room and every so often i'm reminded of the poster shop guy.

-over the weekend got a box of black hair elastics, a groovy butterfly sequins which i've sewed on my tanktop, a pack of bunny balloons since my birthday is on Easter Monday, and mostly office supplies.
- finished the Black Swan costume, it was a pain sewing on the feather boa around the edge of the tutu but the effect is just sooo amazing!
- couldn't order the film Picnic At Hanging Rock at the mall coz it would've cost $38.00! I'd never pay that much for a film! I'll have to check the used film shop. Had yummy strawberry banana breezer.
- on Sunday after work, went over to Stewart's flat and Maria was there and we had a tea party. I made heart shaped bread with cookie cutter and spread asiago artichoke dip on them which were delicious! We watched Iron Chef America which we all love to watch. There was Restaurant Makeover but Stewart is not a fan of that show coz he thinks he can design the rooms better. And then we walked outside in the dark and slosh over to the park and it was just us against the world and we all sort of felt creeped out coz it was all so spooky, especially when Stewart said that there's a tree that swallows people up after midnight and we actually heard twigs snap and we took off running and i slipped and fell on my ass and now its blue and painful to sit on! But it was really fun though and we do the craziest things..ha!
- oh and i was awakened at 5:00 am by big banging and i thought someone was trying to get in but it turned out that it was my silly dad taking out the garbage wearing only his coat over his undies..haha..its a good thing the police didn't pick him up thinking he was a flasher!

- today is National Family Day so i had off work..its a new holiday in Canada and its to do with raising children in a healthier environment and to reduce substance abuse in kids, so of course, i'm all for it!!

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FAV. BANDS/MUSICIANS - grateful dead, greta van fleet, kula shaker, enigma, xavier rudd, led zeppelin, janis joplin, jimi hendrix, fleetwood mac, the doors, bob marley, beatles, stones, bowie, pink floyd..

FAV. FILMS - almost famous, dazed n confused, picnic at hanging rock, foul play, groove, jurassic park, twister, ice storm, virgin suicides, close encounters, dark crystal, go ask alice, & lots of horror..

FAV. BOOKS - go ask alice by anonymous, animal farm by george orwell, virgin suicides by j. eugenides, i'm with the band by pamela desbarres, weetzie bat by francesca lia block, grapefruit by yoko ono, wilderness by jim morrison, the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur..

FAV. THINGS - 1970s, bohemian, Buddha, salt lamps, stones, astrology, animals, cats, butterflies, daisies, sunflowers, tarot cards, Indian foods, vegan, yoga, elephants, bamboo, succulents/cacti, moon, sun, Morocco, painting, nature, outdoor festivals, hula hooping, psychedelica..

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