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Spent the weekend over at Stewart's flat..he was having a love crisis and didn't want to be alone..he's pining over his recent boyfriend split-up. Anyways, we spent the majority of the time watching films.."Boys Don't Cry", "The Wedding Singer", and mostly Wes Anderson films like "Bottle Rocket" and "Rushmore"..haha..i refused to watch "The Royal Tennenbaums" even if Stewart wanted to bribe me with a tub of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia..its just one film i never liked for some reason. So i kept on saying to him "please don't hate me if im not a Tennenbaum" and flinging pillows at him for full effect. On Sunday, we went for a chilly walk in the park and it was fun watching people's doggies have fun in snow, its really funny when dogs try to eat that stuff!

When i got home yesterday with a pile of groceries, i attempted to make Chef Paul's stuffed pork loin after eating nothing but vegan food at Stewart's, i was craving for some meat *FEELING ASHAMED*..everyone loved the meal even though noone really cared for sage, including me! Then afterwards i worked overtime, had to help bring up all the chairs and set them up in the dance studio for the Parent Day week, last classes before the Holidays.

I found one of my missing notebooks and i had scribbled these words in it:
"so fantastically boring"
"krispy kreme? what are they?"
"da plane, boss, da plane!"
"listen to Between the Bars by Madeleine Peyroux"..
yes..i totally love coming up with complete nonsense most of the time..heh!

things i don't want to do
hoover the rug in the living room which seems to attract tons of cat hair
finish a novel
make soup
start a painting
put my cds in order
finish reading my Piaf book and the Marilyn Monroe book

things i'm looking forward to (a survey i stole..)
the Holidays
start exercising more
Stewart's New Year's Eve Bash
food/drinks that would taste really great right now
cheesy noodle bake
strawberry milkshake
sour cream & onion pringles
vegetarian burrito
starbucks vegan brownie
vanilla coke
pesto amore pizza
timmy's candycane donut

oh and Stewart gave me this sheet of paper with a Vegan Guide on it in case i wanted to convert myself to a full-fledged veganite..so here is what im supposed to be eating..brown rice, wheat & kamut berries, vegetable juice, salads, cantaloupes, guava, mango (this is good coz i actually bought mango juice!), lentils, firm tofu or tempeh, nut or seed butter, soymilk, calcium beans, black turtle beans, dry hijiki seaweed..ummm..I THINK I'LL JUST HAVE BUBBLE TEA WITH TAPIOCA AND CALL IT EVEN..TA!

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FAV. FILMS - almost famous, dazed n confused, picnic at hanging rock, foul play, groove, jurassic park, twister, ice storm, virgin suicides, close encounters, dark crystal, go ask alice, & lots of horror..

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