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Shakespeare was the subject of discussion at work today..how do these get started in the first place, i do not know. However; it was fun remembering back at the stuff i did in English Lit. & it was always about Shakespeare. We would have to memorize all these terms like for instance..Catharsis is the emotional release the audience experiences through imaginative participation in a drama or play. Gosh, after all these years i still remember that one term! We had to memorize lines from "Macbeth", i was good at that & had the highest score in class but when it came to writing stuff, my English wasn't never that good & its hard when you know nearly 4 languages & English was never spoken at home much. Most people at work all love "Romeo & Juliet"..haha..how many still remembers the famous lines on the balcony scene.."oh Romeo where for art thou Romeo?". The worst one i read was "The Merchant of Venice"..i could never get into that one.� The most fun was watching "Macbeth" on the wheeled in tv set in class & when the teacher left the room, this guy called Poalo would rewind over & over the scene when the boy gets thrown unto a sword just to gross us girls out.

Books we had to read in English:
1. Almost all Shakespeare.
2. Hiroshima (this was especially bad when we had lunch right after the class!! i always ended up losing my appetite!)
3. The Last Canadian.(another stomach turning book).
4. some Alice Munro books.
5. Robert Frost poems.
6. The Old Man & the Sea.
7. Death of A Salesman. (we were given the opportunity to see the Dustin Hoffman version of it too).
8. the very long epic poem on the "Titanic" which was my most favourite ever!! We even got the guest lists and the lists of everyone who survived and perished on that ship. It was soo fascinating! Now when i think of the "Titantic", Celine Dion's awful song comes to mind *SHUDDER*

Things we watched on the classroom tv:
1. This show on a girl wanting to be a hockey player & i remember the song "High School Confidential" playing in it.
2. some episodes of "Seeing Things". (the teacher believed in a Canadian oriented class)
3. some Agatha Christie films.
4. Death Of A Salesman. (which actually bored me to death)
5. some scary stuff before Halloween (i think Tales of the Darkside).
6. some Shakespeare.
7. a film on suicide and drugs.
8. a German film on what school was like there for kids and the uniforms they had to wear.
9. a documentary on bull-fighting and they showed horrible scenes of bullfighters being gored to death. (gee, thanks a lot Mr. Wong!! right before lunch!)
10. claymations..yay!!!Pingu always rules!

Broke two sewing machine needles because i was having a hard time hemming up a leather skirt for someone. Its one of those days that you wish you never got out of bed!

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