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Tomorrow i'm carving out the pumpkin and went searching for ideas for faces and i think i'll make a happy face bunny pumpkin. Threw out some old cassettes i no longer listen to and made some new covers for cds that didn't have any pictures on them. Sewed a bodysuit for a friend. Found a cassette i haven't listened to since high school and here's whats on it -
1. The Collector - Legendary Pink Dots
2. Helpless - Oingo Boingo
3. From A To H & Back Again - Sheep On Drugs
4. The Empty World - The Cure
5. In Power We Entrust the Love Advocated - Dead Can Dance
6. Pennies For Heaven - Legendary Pink Dots
7. Slender Fungus - Tones On Tail
8. Lilies - The Cranes
9. Christine - Siouxie
10. Birthday - Sugarcubes

1. The Hill - Legendary Pink Dots
2. Mr. Alphabet - The Glove
3. Happy House - Siouxie
4. Harry the Head - The Residents
5. I Love You In Your Tragic Beauty - Legendary Pink Dots
6. Hibernaculum - Mike Oldfield
7. A Thousand Hours - The Cure
8. The Portrait - The Damned
9. Circus of Death - Project Pitchfork
10. Sour Sour Times - Portishead
11. Parrafin - Ruby
I was listening to most of these bands back then and out of all of them i would have to say that Portishead is a band i still listen to.

More Halloween fun..
NAME SOME COSTUMES YOU DRESSED UP AS WHEN YOU WERE A KID/and HIGH SCHOOL: pink panther. witch. princess. ghostbuster. viking girl. witchdoctor. jeannie. disco chick with pink afro. vampire. ghost. martian. cat. raggedy-ann. pee-wee herman (haha). courtney love. wednesday addams. reggae person. rainbow brite. butterfly princess. mod girl. bumblebee. cyndi lauper. scream. and i can't remember what else??
WHAT ARE YOU DRESSING UP AS THIS TIME? a Keith Harring dancing figurine in purplish pink.
FAVOURITE HALLOWEEN SONGS?: Monster Mash is definitely the one i love the most. Also Theme from Rosemary's Baby. And all the music from Addams Family tv show.
DO YOU PREFER HAPPY FACE OR SCARY FACE PUMPKIN? i like happy faces on pumpkins but i do looove the face on the pumpkin in the Halloween film (the one shown at the start of the film when John Carpenter's music starts playing).
WHICH FILMS DO YOU WATCH ON HALLOWEEN NIGHT? ohmigod do you have to ask?haha. the original Halloween of course and Clownhouse and Bewitched Halloween special. And the night before i love to watch Black Christmas and Rosemary's Baby.
NAME SOME OF YOUR FAVOURITE CANDIES THAT YOU'D GET TRICK O TREATING: those caramel squares. tootsie rolls. twizzlers. pumpkin chocolate balls. those lollipops that had chewing gum in the center. kit-kats. ring pops. mostly i loved when the candies were inside cute bags and i had to open them up to find out what was inside.
BEST HALLOWEEN CANDY HAUL EVER: thats easy. when i was living in a condo and me and my friends went from one floor to the next and we didn't have to wear coats over our costumes and i counted nearly 400 candies!!
WORST HALLOWEEN EVER: when some nasty popular girls in school asked me to go trick-o-treating with them and they stood me up and i had to go alone and i didn't collect that much coz it was around 8:30 pm. And the next day of course they laughed their asses off at me. HORRIBLE!!
BEEN TO A HALLOWEEN PARTY?: yes. several. best one was at the condo and i was invited to play my guitar and there was a pinata and i broke the whole thing. FUN!
ANOTHER THING YOU HATED THE MOST?: when me and my friends would go trick-o-treating when we were in high school and some old crinkly old ladies would say "aren't you too old for getting treats?". gawd we hated that!!! and when there was this one time a Halloween dance at school and my best friend got into a huge verbal fight with some nasty popular girls and she took off crying and it ruined the whole fun.
BEST PUMPKIN FACE YOU EVER CARVED? the one that looked like a creature from Tales of the Darkside. everyone who came to the door complimented my pumpkin. :)

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FAV. BANDS/MUSICIANS - grateful dead, greta van fleet, kula shaker, enigma, xavier rudd, led zeppelin, janis joplin, jimi hendrix, fleetwood mac, the doors, bob marley, beatles, stones, bowie, pink floyd..

FAV. FILMS - almost famous, dazed n confused, picnic at hanging rock, foul play, groove, jurassic park, twister, ice storm, virgin suicides, close encounters, dark crystal, go ask alice, & lots of horror..

FAV. BOOKS - go ask alice by anonymous, animal farm by george orwell, virgin suicides by j. eugenides, i'm with the band by pamela desbarres, weetzie bat by francesca lia block, grapefruit by yoko ono, wilderness by jim morrison, the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur..

FAV. THINGS - 1970s, bohemian, Buddha, salt lamps, stones, astrology, animals, cats, butterflies, daisies, sunflowers, tarot cards, Indian foods, vegan, yoga, elephants, bamboo, succulents/cacti, moon, sun, Morocco, painting, nature, outdoor festivals, hula hooping, psychedelica..

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